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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Suffers a Seizure on General Hospital

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Jake's doctor lets Liz and Jason know his surgery went well and with  therapy, he'll recover. Nikolas arrives with Cameron and Aiden as a surprise for Jake. 

 Jason tells Nikolas things haven't changed between them. Jason still plans to help Michael get ELQ back. Nikolas tells them about what happened at the wedding.

Maxie demands to know who Claudette is. Nathan explains he had a french poodle as a child. Felicia checks in on them. She questions why he didn't have his gun on him. Maxie admits it was her fault.

Hayden tells Tracy she knows her history, the many marriages and that she left Port Charles for seven years. Hayden wonders why Tracy is so interested in getting ELQ back. Tracy says the company is her family's legacy. She wants Edward's company back.

Sam checks in with her parents after the harrowing events at the wedding. Alexis feels they have a lot to be grateful for. Jason calls and asks to see her. Alexis and Julian head to the hospital for an update on Kiki.

Anna stops by to check on Kiki's progress. She wonders if she's met Griffin before. He denies it but seems to want to tell her more. Their conversation is interrupted.

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Tracy mentions Hayden's father, which upsets her. Hayden says people judged her father. Tracy decides they have a lot in common.

Andre finds Anna in the chapel. She tells him she still needs to find Carlos to get justice for Duke. 

 Anna thinks she may end up in prison for attempted murder. Andre doesn't agree and is concerned for Anna. He feels she should allow herself to be weak and tells her there are a lot of people who care about her.

Nikolas wants Liz to stay at Wyndemere. She reminds him she doesn't like Hayden.

 Liz feels they still need to deal with what Jake went through with Helena. The boys ask to stay at Wyndemere, so Liz agrees.

Maxie tells Felicia about Claudette and the glove she found in the tux pocket. Felicia reassures her Nathan's a good guy who wouldn't cheat. Maxie says she thought the same about Dante. The two head back into Nathan's room where Felicia gives him a toy poodle to cuddle.

Tracy and Hayden talk about the shooting at the wedding. Suddenly, Tracy stops speaking and has a seizure.