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Perkie's Observations: Sam and Danny Join Liason and Jake at Shriners on General Hospital

General Hospital

Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst

Tracy has a seizure. Griffin and Hayden help her to floor. When she recovers, she seems confused. Griffin wants to take Tracy to the hospital. She claims she's simply dehydrated. Hayden calls Dillon. He arrives and decides she should go.

Franco offers to sit with Kiki so Ava can have a break. She's still concerned Paul will have her arrested for arms trafficking. Franco promises to look after Kiki if something happens to Ava. Ava is happy he's there for her.

Jordan has questions about Ava's immunity deal. She tells Paul she wants to discuss it with Ava. Paul tries to get a hold of Ava to warn her. Jordan gets to the hospital and tells Ava she knows about her arrangement with Paul. Paul arrives in time to tell Ava there was an immunity deal before Ava can tell Jordan the truth.

Jason is happy to see Sam and Danny. Liz, not so much. Danny has a toy car for Jake. The nurse takes them both to the playroom. Liz questions why Sam would show up. Jason admits he called her to come. Liz admits she didn't realize how serious JaSam had become.

Nikolas and Sam make small talk about the events at the wedding. Nikolas asks about progress regarding Hayden. Sam says she hasn't heard back from Corbin. She gets a call from him and sets up a meeting.

At the hospital, Griffin tells Tracy he's going to run some tests. She wants the best neurologist and not a young newbie. Griffin returns with Dr. Maze, and explains  Tracy had a grand mal seizure. Tracy denies it and wants to speak to Dr Maze alone. Hayden and Dillon both mention Tracy had spells before.

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Julian and Alexis enjoy their honeymoon and wax poetic about their love for each other and how they have a second chance. Love Julexis, but their scenes seemed shoehorned into this episode.

Franco talks and reads to Ki, trying to get a response. He and Jake face-time.

Paul explains to Ava she won't serve jail time for the guns. Ava is still upset over Kiki and blames herself. Paul tells her to get out of the business. She can start anew. Ava reminds him he still has the flash drive.

Hayden checks in with Tracy, while Dr Maze heads out to get the test results. Tracy accuses Hayden of being thrilled there is something wrong with her. Hayden denies this. Dillon hears his mother call her Rachel.

Dillon is worried about Tracy. He thinks there's something seriously wrong with her. Hayden tries to reassure him. He thinks his mother has dementia. 

Jason checks in on Sam at her hotel. He wants to make sure she's okay after the wedding ordeal.  Sam feels Jason could have stopped the gunman. Jason wonders if his dangerous past is why Sam is with him.

Franco calls Liz to tell her he spoke with Jake. He apologizes for not realizing what she was going through. Franco understands now, as he sits at Kiki's bedside. He wonders what he can do for her.

Dr Maze has the test results for Tracy.