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Perkie's Observations: Kiki Wakes Up on General Hospital

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Sonny claims they can take care of Morgan at home, but Carly believes he's in denial and they can't give Morgan the help he needs. Sonny refuses to lock up his son, but Carly says it's what's best.

Maxie questions whether Lulu and Dante are back together. Lulu's afraid that history will repeat itself. Maxie tells her to let go of the anger and to take a leap of faith. Lulu worries that Dante will cheat again, but Maxie poo poohs the possibility. Lulu receives her finalized divorce papers which upset her.

Lulu decides she needs to remove her wedding rings. Maxie tells her to tear up the papers and try again with Dante. Maxie tells Lulu about Nathan's lie. Lulu tells her to have faith in Nathan.

Dante tells Nathan that he hasn't heard from Lulu, but he received his final divorce papers. Nathan thinks he and Lulu should try and work things out. Nathan admits to Dante that he's lying to Maxie about Claudette. Dante tells him to talk to Maxie.

Julian checks in on Ava, who's still sitting at Kiki's bedside. Julian offers to look after Avery and is not happy when Ava tells him that she gave the baby to Sonny, temporarily. Julian asks if Ava's going to jail. She tells him that she was working with Paul

Andre meets with Morgan. She thinks that everything will resolve itself and he'll be able to go home and celebrate. Andre says they have a lot of work to do first. He asks why Morgan stopped taking the drugs in the first place. Morgan says the drugs made things worst and refuses to listen when Andre says they need to work together to fix this.

CarSon get to the hospital as Diane arrives to let them know that Paul is refusing to drop the charges against Morgan. She tells them that Morgan can either be committed and get probation or plead not guilty and let a jury decide.

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Morgan wants to go to court and take his chances with a jury. He feels all he has to do is tell them that he was protecting Sonny's territory, that he's sorry. Sonny realizes that Morgan is in denial and needs more help than they can give.

Sonny decides Morgan should be committed. Morgan loses it and yells at them not to do it and begs them. Diane says he can't be released, that he's a danger to himself. Morgan begs for another chance and that Sonny was never committed.

Carly reminds him that she was because she needed the help and he'll be better for it. Andre says he's already made the arrangements. Morgan finally accepts it, but asks to see Kiki before leaving.

Dante gets home, looks at his papers and removes his ring. Lulu knocks at the door.

Maxie gets home and tells Nathan that it's okay that he has a past and that she trusts him.

Morgan asks Ava's permission to see Kiki before he leaves. Julian refuses, but Ava knows that Kiki loves him and thinks maybe Morgan can get through to her.

Morgan speaks to Kiki and tells her that he loves her and will be back for her when he's better. After he leaves, Kiki opens her eyes.

Sonny wonders if Carly will leave him now.