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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Calls Off Sam's Investigation on General Hospital

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Someone continues to watch Anna. Paul drops by and asks her about Carlos, because he wants to work with her. Anna says she doesn't trust Paul, but that she wants Julian in a prison cell. Paul assures her that he'll be able to convince Carlos to testify against Julian in exchange for his own immunity. Anna figures Paul has already been in contact with Carlos and likely supplying him with money. Later Paul calls Carlos.

Nik tells Liz that he's happy with Hayden and that they love each other. Liz agrees to put her differences against Hayden aside and wishes him well.

Hayden spots Sam and Baxter talking and runs out, nearly running over Curtis in the process. He follows her to the Rib and questions whether or not she's in trouble. Hayden tells him that she can take care of herself.

Lulu and Dante make out on the bed until Lulu remembers that it has Valerie cooties on it and puts a stop to it. Dante admits he made a huge mistake but can't undo what he's done. He offers to get them a house and leave the loft. Lulu wants that as well, but decides they need to work on their relationship issues first and need help with that.

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Andre brings Jordan food and the two apologize to each other for how badly their last date went and the conflict between them when Morgan was brought in. Jordan admits that Curtis is a sensitive subject for her. Andre admits that he needs to be less shrinky.

Sam calls Nik with an update on Hayden, but he tells her to stop the investigation because he's changed his mind. Nik claims they all have secrets. Liz overhears and gets upset at Nik for dropping the case. Liz tells him to learn from her mistakes and to get out before it's too late.

Hayden hears them and questions Nik as to why he's having her investigated. Nikolas tells her that he changed his mind and told Sam to stop. He says he knows there's more to the Rachel thing but he doesn't care because he loves her.

Curtis storms into the station and tells Jordan to stay out of his business.

Liz seeks out Sam and tells her not to stop the investigation. Liz feels Nikolas will be hurt and in turn so will Spencer.