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Y&R SPOILERS: Just How Far Will Phyllis Go to Destroy Victor?

Gina Tognoni

Gina Tognoni

Jack/Phyllis: Old' Smilin' Jack gives his wife an ultimatum about her quest for vengeance. Meanwhile, look for Jack to lay down the law at Jabot.  

Devon/Hilary/Neil: If Katherine Chancellor were alive she'd be keeping an eye on her grandson's wife. Hilary is hellbent on running things at the medical research foundation Devon is funding. Neil issues his son a stern warning. Is the "Old Hilary" back?

Victor: The Black Knight makes a deal that could come back to haunt him.

Phyllis/Stitch: Red is so not here for her former father-in-law getting away with all the underhanded things he's done.  Since she's been unable to convince Michael to throw the case, just how far will she go to make Victor pay? Watch for Stitch to bond with Phyllis over the mutual hatred for Mr. Mumbles. 

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