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Perkie’s Observations: Tracy Goes Into Surgery on General Hospital

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Anna questions what Griffin wants from her. He promises to explain himself and asks if they can go somewhere to talk. Before they have a chance, Griffin gets called back to the hospital. He promises Anna will understand what he needs to tell her.

Sonny explains to Michael that Sabrina and the baby are with Carlos, who is very much alive. Michael refuses to believe it until Sonny tells him the information came from Anna. Sonny warns Michael not to track down Carlos and to leave it to him. He wants Michael to tell him if Sabrina calls.

Laura nervously waits for the reading of Helena's will. Nikolas is just happy to put a close on that chapter. He asks his mother to accept Hayden and shows her the book. It doesn't impress Laura.

Sam arrives for the will reading. Hayden gets angry with her for investigating her and grabs Sam's arm. Sam shakes her off and says Nik hired her to do a job.

Sam wants to speak with Nik alone, which Hayden refuses. Laura ushers her out despite Hayden's protests. Sam is angry with Nik for dropping the investigation and says they need the truth for Spencer's sake and asks to move forward. Nik tells her no because he made a mistake starting the investigation. Later, Sam calls Spin for his expertise.

Laura apologizes to Sam about the Jason lie. Sam accepts it, then talks about Helena's will and mentions that Helena cursed her. Laura says Helena cursed her as well. Sam says she doesn't believe in curses.

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Dillon wants to hear from Griffin despite Monica telling him that Tracy doesn't want Griffin's advice and that Dr. Mays is an excellent doctor. Tracy apologizes to Dillon for worrying him. He admits that he wants to hear Griffin's opinion. Tracy is taken into surgery.

Jason has a memory of Lila's reaction when he told her that he was changing his name to Morgan. Monica shows up and sees that he's taken down the plaque. Jason mentions the name change, Monica says it didn't change who he was.

Jason doesn't believe he was honest since he worked for Sonny. Monica assures him that he had his own code. Monica says the family isn't what it was; which is the main reason they're fighting to get ELQ back.

Anna meets with Andre and tells him that Griffin has been following her and questions what kind of guy he is. Andre assures her that Griffin seems like a good guy, but asks if Anna feels threatened. Anna says Griffin feels familiar, like they met a long time ago.

Dr. Mays is upset that Griffin is hanging around even though he says Dillon asked for his opinion. Dr. Mays reminds everyone that he's Tracy's doctor. Dillon finds his backbone and informs Mays to address him as Mr. Quartermaine and that he'll listen to Griffin's opinion if he chooses.

Griffin tells Dillon that he's seen similar cases to Tracy's when he was in Mexico but doesn't want to explain further until he's seen the results of the biopsy. Brad interrupts and tells Griffin that he's in charge of the lab and would be willing to have him see the results.

Jason and Sam meet up and he explains why he has the plaque. Jason asks if she wants to go with him to see his new place, but Sam says she has to go back to Windemere for the will reading. Jason leaves without the plaque and Sam cuts herself on it.