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Perkie's Observations: Bodices Bust Open on General Hospital

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Carly tells Olivia about the hotel being closed down. Olivia says she's not backing down. Carly agrees to back her. Carly offers to talk to Sonny about a garbage strike to shut down the city. However, Alexis has a different proposal for Carly.

Dr. Mays catches Brad showing Griffin the biopsy results and angrily berates them. After he leaves, Brad gives Griffin a copy he made. Griffin realizes that he's seen this before.

Tracy worries that she's dying and asks Monica to pull the plug when the time comes and not burden her sons.

Dillon calls Ned to tell him about Tracy. Dillon sees that Monica is upset and the two hug. Tracy sees them and mistakes Dillon for Ned. Monica assures Tracy that she'll follow her medical choices.

Dr. Mays tells Tracy that it's not cancer, but has no idea what it is. Griffin is called in. He believes the lesion are caused by an infection and asks her about her trip to Mexico. Tracy remembers that she ate something when she was with Ashton. Griffin feels they need an infectious disease doctor.

Nina calls Dante to tell him her theories of espionage. He says it would be an FBI matter. Curtis offers his PI services to find out who's behind Crimson's problems. Nina agrees to hire him.

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Olivia, Mayor Lomas, Carly and Jordan all testify at the hearing. Diane's final argument is that the hearing has no legal merit. Alexis' rebuttal is that she's trying to protect all mothers.

The judge starts to give his decision. Carly brings in several nursing mothers, which aggravates both the judge and the mayor. Nina declares there's nothing offensive about breasts and she, Maxie, Carly, Alexis and Olivia all strip down to their bras. The judge finds in favor of Olivia.

Molly and Kristina tell a disappointed Julian that the publicity for Crimson is huge. Nina tells Julian that Crimson is trending nationally and she's determined to make the magazine a success.

Carly warns the mayor to remove the ban against the hotel or she'll sue her for loss of business. Diane informs the mayor that health records will show that the hotel has a spotless record and accuses her of abusing her power.

Mayor Lomax warns Alexis that she's made an enemy, and it will cost her.

Dr. Mays warns Brad and Griffin that they will be fired for looking at the biopsy results when they were not on the case.

Monica calls the specialist for Tracy, who looks remarkably like Silas Clay. And John McBain. And Steven Clay. And Michael Easton!