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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Confronts General Hospital's New Doctor

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Dr. Hamilton Finn shows up at General Hospital for a consultation with Monica and Griffin regarding Tracy. Finn gets a little tired when everyone points out how much he resembles the late Dr. Silas Clay.

Nina runs into Liesl on her way to see Dr. Lee. Liesl's not happy to hear that Nina doesn't trust Britt's diagnosis. Kelly tells Nina that her previous lab results show that she's not ovulating properly. However, Nina insists on a second opinion.

Sam and Jason officially divorce so that they can make a fresh start. Franco runs into them and asks about Jake's recovery and mentions the book from Helena. Jason's annoyed that Liz didn't tell him about it and heads out to find her.

Hayden wonders about the painting from Helena and uses a magnifying glass to notice that there's a reflection of a man in the teapot. She questions what Helena was trying to tell them. Nikolas points out that Helena was a psychopath who loved to manipulate him and that he refuses to play her games now that she's dead.

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Liesl runs into Franco and tells him about Nina's appointment with Dr. Lee and figures he's changed his mind about babies. Franco storms in on Nina's consultation. Franco says he doesn't want a child and tells her what happened with Leo. He wonders why they can't be enough, just the two of hem. Nina eventually agrees, but when Kelly returns she asks that they continue the exam.

Finn explains to Tracy that she has a larvae infestation, likely due to unsanitary food preparation while she was in Mexico. Liesl interrupts, angry that a new doctor is consulting when he doesn't have privileges.

Jason questions Liz about the book, so she shows it to him. Jason feels they shouldn't show it to Jake. Liz has questions about what happened to him on the island. Liz wants to consult with Dr. Renault and feels Franco could help. Jason does not want Franco anywhere near Jake. Liz says Jake responds well to Franco and they need all the help they can get.

Sam gets information from Spinelli regarding Hayden and heads over to Wyndemere. Sam mentions the name Naomi Dreyfuss. However, Hayden denies knowing anyone by that name. Hayden looks worried after Sam leaves.

Liesl refuses to let Finn treat Tracy for fear of a malpractice suit. Monica tells her to get him privileges with the hospital. Liesl says it will take a week.

If all Finn is doing is prescribing medication for Tracy, why can't an existing hospital doctor do the prescribing, until Finn is given privileges?