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Perkie's Observations: Liz Snoops on Hayden on General Hospital

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Sonny stops by to apologize to Kristina for being so hard on her. He's still feels that the professor led her on and admits that he sent Max to find out more information. Kristina gets upset and begs her father to call off Max, because she can fix this herself. Sonny finally agrees. He says she needs to be the one to call Max, which Kristina does.

Tracy and Monica continue to argue with Liesl about Finn's lack of privileges. Tracy feels it's in the hospital's best interest to let Finn help her and throws her weight around. A nurse arrives with Tracy's medications and says Monica ordered them. Liesl allows them to proceed with the treatment. Tracy thanks Monica for pushing so hard.

Nikolas doesn't understand Laura's intrigue with the key, but she's looking for answers. Laura says she found out the key was 19th century Russian, likely for a trunk. Nik says there a tons of trunks in the Wyndemere attic, but reminds Laura that the key could also open nothing.

Hayden panics and runs an internet search on Naomi Dreyfus. Liz interrupts and wonders what Hayden is trying to hide. Hayden considers Liz a freeloader. Liz assures her that she'll find out what Hayden is hiding. Liz feels, if given a choice, NIk will choose her.

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Liz mentions that Nik hired a PI because he doesn't trust Hayden. Liz accuses Hayden of coming to town to run a con and marrying Nik for his money. Hayden counters that Liz was a lying liar with Jason. Liz questions where Hayden would go when Nik finds out the truth and kicks her out.

Hayden gets a call to meet Diane and storms out. Liz decides to see what Hayden's computer shows about Naomi and is surprised by the results.

Carly brings champagne to welcome Finn to the Metro Court as one of her housekeeper's runs from the room in fear. Finn explains that he has a lizard for a service animal and that the housekeeper scared her off. Carly wonders why he has a service animal, but Finn's not forthcoming. The two discuss the lizard for far longer than was necessary.

Parker shows up at Kris' door.

Monica calls Finn to thank him for ordering the meds and starting Tracy's treatment. She asks if he's available for another consult. Finn says he's in town indefinitely.