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Perkie's Observations: Hayden's Identity is Revealed on General Hospital

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Griffin promises that he's not conspiring with Paul against Anna. He unbuttons his shirt to show that he's not wearing a wire. Anna's still suspicious, so Griffin offers to have a DNA test run to prove that he's Duke's son. He swears that he's only interested in her memories of his father.

Carlos calls Paul, who still wants the fugitive to come back to PC and testify against Julian. Carlos feels that he needs to stay as far away as possible. Paul offers protection, but Carlos isn't interested. Carlos says he's waiting for Paul's next payment or he'll spill the beans.

Sonny offers Epiphany an apology for putting her in a tight spot regarding his therapy. Pif is still mad that he lied to everyone, but eventually forgives him.

Parker pulls away from the kiss, feeling that it's wrong and suggests Kristina get counseling for her confused feelings. Kris accuses Parker of wanting something to happen between them. Professor Passive Aggressive admits that she's attracted to Kris, but doesn't want to jeopardize her marriage. Kristina accuses her of sending mixed messages.

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Liz announces that Hayden is Rachel Berlin, daughter of Richard Berlin, leader of a ponzi scam that bilked thousands of people out of their money. Liz says she'll tell Nikolas the truth. Hayden begs her not to say anything and to let her handle it on her own. Nik arrives and demands to know what's going on.

Laura opens the case only to find and old textbook of Scott's. Lulu feels Helena is messing with her head and sending her on a wild goose chase. Laura tosses the book down and an old flower corsage falls out of it. Laura explains to Lulu the meaning of that flower, but wonders why Helena would be pointing her in this direction. Laura opens the book and find letters circled and wants to find someone who will crack the encrypted code.

Anna stops by to ask Paul if he's found Carlos. Paul denies knowing where Carlos is hiding out. Anna decides to use her own resources to find him. Anna is willing to give up her freedom to get justice for Duke.

Griffin runs into Sonny and admits to him that he's Duke's son. Sonny remembers the connection he felt when meeting Griffin in the chapel. He says Duke was a wonderful man, conveniently forgetting about that hit that Duke had out on the police commissioner. Sonny complains about Carlos gunning down Duke. Griffin feels that Carlos should be forgiven and that Sonny should rise above revenge. That sound you hear is all the viewers, laughing at Griffin's naiveté.

Nik accuses Hayden of lying about her history in order to escape prosecution in her part of the ponzi scheme. Hayden says she lost everything and had to reinvent herself. Nik now believes the papers that she had Diane draw up were for her to steal ELQ from him to pay back her clients. Hayden swears she had no idea what her father was doing and swears she's in love with Nikolas, you know, the man who had her shot in the head.