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Perkie's Observations: Finn Sticks it to Himself General Hospital

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Tracy insists on seeing Finn, despite Liesl's objections. Dillon calls Finn , who comes by to check on Tracy. Tracy's happy for a cure, but Finn warns her that they still have a ways to go and that it's fatal for some.

Liz finds Laura in the attic and tells her that Hayden is really Rachel. She feels Hayden married Nik to get another payday. Liz feels the police should be involved, but Laura reminds her of Nik's involvement in Hayden's shooting.

Hayden tries to convince Nikolas that he loves her and they were happy together. Nik feels she's not the woman he married and that she lied and played him. Hayden says she was trying to escape her past. Nik accuses her of wanting to take everything that he's trying to build.

Hayden points out that he did the same thing to Sam and Jason, but Nikolas is not seeing it. He says he doesn't trust her and storms out.

Paul pays Ava a visit, but she wants nothing to do with him. She tells him that she has a target on her back, because people see her as a rat now. Paul swears he never meant to cause her any harm. Ava says her daughters are her priority.

Sam tells Jason that she's working on a case. He realizes that it's for Nikolas and wonders why she would help him. Sam says she's doing it to protect Spencer. The two head to the hospital. Monica feels Tracy could use a visit from Jason.

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Liesl is not happy with Finn and assures him that her staff can handle Tracy's case. He says Tracy could have died since Mayes misdiagnosed her. He expects Liesl to give him her full cooperation.

Laura meets with Scott and tells him about the book and asks how Helena got it. Scott says he sold them. Laura shows them the circled letters and feels they're a code that she needs to decrypt.

Nik wants Sam back on the case and tells her that Hayden is Rachel Berlin. Sam thinks that he should go to the police, but Nik doesn't want them involved.

Dillon leaves Jason and Tracy alone. She's confuses him for Edward and promises that she'll get ELQ back and make him proud of her, even if it means cooperating with Jason. Dillon returns and Jason tells him that Tracy's confused. Sam arrives as Tracy says she has a secret weapon named Rachel.

Finn shoots up in the hotel room.

Ava meets with Scott for his help.

Liz is surprised to see Hayden still at Windemere. Hayden accuses her of being a home wrecker and that she needs to control all the men in her life. Liz feels NIk has only loved one woman and that Hayden is just a placeholder.

Hayden claims Nik married her because he loves her and that she' s not leaving. Hayden feels Liz can't stand to be alone but she's not getting Nikolas and comments about all her baby daddies. Liz slaps Hayden.