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Perkie's Observations: Ava Foots Scott's Bills on General Hospital

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Hayden declares that she'll call the police on Liz for slapping her. Liz counters that the police will be thrilled to find Rachel and that she should leave before they come. Hayden accuses Liz of trying to steal Nikolas.

Valery wants to know more about Curtis' history with Jordan, but he's not talking. Jordan and Andre arrive. Jordan swears she won't let Curtis presence bother them. A robber shows up to rob Kelly's. Jordan creates a distraction so Curtis can grab the man. Andre's impressed with Jordan's talents, while Valerie is thrilled with Curtis'.

Anna accuses Sonny of letting everyone know that Carlos is alive by plastering the information on the internet. Sonny swears he wasn't responsible and wonders who would benefit. Anna realizes that it's Paul. Sonny thinks they should tap his phones or bug his office to get justice for Duke.

Sam explains about Rachel. Dillon says he saw Hayden with Tracy on multiple occasions. Jason says Tracy wants to get ELQ back. Jason tells Sam that he needs to get the company back, He says he owes it to the Quartermaines, since he is one and understands that now.

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Ava tells Scott about Paul's blackmail, that he has the flashdrive and would have arrested her. Ava wants Scott's protection against her own men who see her as a rat. Ava offers him money. Scotty admits that he's about to be tossed out of the hotel and lost his life savings because of Raymond Berlin's ponzi scheme. Ava agrees to pay his bill in exchange for his company.

Hayden leaves a note for Spencer and tearfully leaves the home of the man who lovingly tried to kill her.

Liz heads over to Nik's hotel room to offer her support. Nikolas is worried about Spencer and how he'll react to losing Hayden. Nik admits he's not ready to let Hayden go. Despite not trusting her, he does love her. Nikolas asks Liz to stay with him so that he's not alone.

Tracy's surprised to when Ned arrives and is upset with Dillon for calling him. Ned says he knew Dillon was scared and wanted to be there. Tracy asks her sons to get ELQ back.

Sonny mentions meeting Griffin. Anna tells him that Griffin wants her to forgive Carlos, but Sonny doesn't think that he can. Anna gets upset that Duke joined forces with Sonny, which in turn got him killed. Sonny says he feels badly about that too, so Anna tells him to forgive himself.

Hayden runs into Curtis, as she's leaving town. She's surprised to learn that Curtis knew she was Rachel. Curtis tells her that she's not a quitter, and that she has proof Nik tried to kill her. Curtis tells her to stay and fight.