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Perkie's Observations: Emma Visits Port Charles on General Hospital

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Emma's in town for a visit with Anna. Griffin stops by to give Anna the DNA results that prove that he's Duke's son. Emma's thrilled to meet him and the two get along like old pals.

Paul wants information on Tracy's condition, but Finn refuses to tell him. Tracy didn't give her consent.

Julian tells Sonny that he knows he sent the black rose to Ava and wants Sonny to stop messing with her. Sonny denies it and says he's busy looking for Carlos. Sonny says Carlos will return and testify against Julian, who will go to prison. Julian swears he had nothing to do with Duke's murder.

Morgan wants Kiki to leave, but she says he wasn't responsible for her shooting. She wants him to get better so he can leave the hospital. Morgan says the pills make him feel nothing and everything is pointless. Kiki says there is a good man inside him and that he needs to work at it like Sonny does.

An orderly drops a tray, causing a loud noise that Kiki reacts to. Morgan realizes that it reminded her of the gunshot and manages to calm her down. After Kiki leaves, Morgan decides he needs to get better, for her.

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Ava's annoyed that Carly thinks she'll leave Avery with them once Kiki is better. Ava says she isn't a monster and loves her daughters. Ava feels they need to coexist because of Kiki and Morgan.

Sonny meets with his man Brick (Seriously? Julian's guy's name is Hammer and Sonny's is Brick. Are they building a house?)> Brick wants to place a tracker on Paul's phone so they can hear when he calls Carlos.

Anna distracts Paul away from his phone so Brick can do his thing. I call shenanigans on Anna needing Sonny's help in doing this when she's a freakin' WSB agent.

Finn's starts to shoot himself up again, when he's interrupted by Carly. She let herself into his room to bring towels. Carly claims housekeeping is too scared to do up the room, because of the lizard. Carly brings lettuce for Roxie and asks again why he chose a lizard for a service pet. Finn explains how he found the lizard and nursed it back to health. Seriously show, why are we spending so much time on this? Are they chem testing Carly and Finn with a lizard?

Julian tells Ava that her men won't bother her anymore, but that they didn't send the rose. Ava wants out of the business and Julian promises her that she can. Ava wonders what he had to give up to keep her safe.

Sonny listens in as Paul calls Carlos.