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Perkie's Observations: Curtis is on the Case on General Hospital

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Alexis tells Julian that Kristina came out to her, but that she didn't handle it well. Alexis swears she isn't a homophobe and feels the professor was influencing the situation. Julian wonders how she would feel if Kris was gay. Alexis says she would accept it.

Kristina confides in Lucas that she's attracted to a woman and is relieved to be admitting it out loud. She's upset that Alexis was upset by the news. Lucas points out Alexis didn't reject Kris outright and that she'll come around. Lucas tells Kris to trust her feelings.

Jason and Sam discuss Hayden/Rachel. Talk turns to Hayden getting shot. Sam starts to wonder if there was a second shooter out to get Rachel. Neither can quite figure out who would have it in for Hayden, despite Jason pointing out that Nik was upset with her for wanting to tell Jason the truth. Two plus two equals four, kids. The two decide to speak with Shawn.

Dante runs into Curtis and asks about Valerie. Curtis is quick to shut him down and tell him to mind his own business. Dante complains to Nathan, who tells him to put Valerie in the past. Dante mentions Claudette, but Nathan doesn't think the situation is the same. Nathan feels he needs to tell Maxie the truth.

Nina and Maxie are thrilled to have the great Joe Z, do a guest feature for the magazine. He gets a little concerned when talk turns to sabotage. Curtis arrives, with a promise to find out the truth.

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Hayden seeks out Nikolas at the hotel, claiming their love was real and not to throw it all away. Nik accuses her trying to steal everything he owns. Hayden brings up the fact that she was shot, but Nik is still upset about all the lying.

Hayden accuses Nik of lying and making her believe that he wanted the marriage to be real. Nik says even if they stayed together, he would never be able to trust her and declares the marriage over.

Lucas tells Julian and Alexis that he and Brad are getting married in May. Kris is annoyed with Alexis' enthusiasm, saying her mother has a problem with her gayness. After a temper tantrum worthy of most two year olds, storms off. Alexis places a call to Parker.

Curtis finds out that the binding problems were not an accident. Nina wonders who the saboteur is, as Julian arrives.

Nathan seeks out Maxie to tell her about Claudette. Maxie wants it all to stay in the past and is shocked to learn that Claudette was his wife and that things didn't end well.

Hayden's upset that Nik wants a divorce and that he won't honor the prenup agreement. Nik tells her not to fight it. Hayden says she will because of what she knows about him.