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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Figures Out Nikolas Had Hayden Shot on General Hospital

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Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Sam thinks she needs to update Nikolas on Tracy's relationship with Hayden/Rachel. Jason agrees. Then I remind them both  Jason was supposed to be helping get ELQ back for Tracy since he was feeling his Quartermaine roots for five minutes.

Curtis thinks Hayden moving back in with Nikolas is a bad idea. She says she doesn't have a death wish but that she's owed a good life. Hayden was raised a certain way and had it all taken from her. She wants the financial security Nikolas can provide.

Curtis claims the love of money is like an addiction to her. Hayden claims she wants some of the money to pay back the investors who were swindled. Curtis wants to stick around and see how it all turns out.

Liz is worried Nikolas will end up in prison if he decides to get rid of Hayden. He claims he's going back to Wyndemere with nothing malicious on his mind.

Finn tells Tracy she had another seizure. He's waiting on the results of the CAT scan. He updates Dillon and Ned on Tracy not responding to the medications. They may not have caught this in time.

Dante questions Michael about Sonny's plans for Carlos. Michael doesn't want to tell tales out of turn and tells his brother to ask Sonny directly.

Emma and Griffin are sweetly playing cowboy and neurosurgeon when Sonny arrives to let Anna know they have a lead on Carlos. Sonny gives her the flash drive with the call from Paul to Carlos.

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Sonny says they need to find out where the calls are coming from. Anna agrees to remove the tracker from Paul's phone. Later, when she runs into Paul, she uses his phone and manages to remove it.

Finn gets Tracy's results. He tells her and her loved ones she has a swollen cyst on the brain. Liesl overhears and decides Tracy needs to be operated on immediately; Finn agrees. Tracy wants Griffin doing the surgery.

Paul asks for an update on Tracy. Ned doesn't want him around. Dillon, however, wants his father to stay.

Sam updates Nikolas about Tracy and Hayden working together to get ELQ from him. Nikolas is outraged, OUTRAGED that someone would have the audacity to try and steal a company he himself stole. Sam is shocked to hear Nikolas is going back to Wyndemere to save his marriage.

Dante summons Sonny to ask what his plans are for Carlos. Sonny skirts around the question. Dante says if Carlos is found dead, Sonny will be the first suspect.

Sam wonders why Nikolas would stay with Hayden. Jason figures Hayden has something on her cousin. The two realize Nikolas is the one who had her shot.

Nikolas moves back into Wyndemere and wonders what Hayden's plan is. She tells him she wants them to be friends and make living together work. Hayden says Curtis is moving in for the time being.

Tracy is taken into surgery.