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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Confronts Parker on General Hospital

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Nik refuses to allow Curtis to live with them. Curtis says he has the proof that Nik tried to kill Hayden and he will go to the police who will be forced to reopen the investigation. This in turn will implicate Laura.

Sam can't believe that Nikolas would try to kill Hayden in order to hang onto ELQ. She feels Nik was always the good Cassadine and that he's not the man she knew. Jason believes Nik is now capable of anything.

Alexis meets with Parker and accuses her of taking advantage of Kristina. Parker denies seducing Kris. Parker feels Kris has suppressed her feelings in the past and that she's terrified of being rejected. Parker tells Alexis to pay attention to Kristina. Alexis thought she and Kris were close. She admits she didn't handle things well.

Ava wants to know who's after her and is not happy to hear from Julian that Sonny was the one who sent the black rose. Julian warns her not to go after Sonny because there are still some in the organization who aren't happy with her.

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Carly wants Sonny to ignore whatever lead he has on Carlos, who will put up a fight and not come back to PC willingly. Sonny feels that not bringing Carlos in will make him look weak and he wants Carlos to testify against Julian. Carly wants Sonny to let Anna handle things. Sonny wants justice for Duke.

Kristina complains to Molly how Alexis didn't embrace the idea of her sexuality and worries what Sonny will do. Julian asks to speak to Kristina. He apologizes for Alexis' reaction, saying she was disappointed in herself. Kristina admits she gave her mother reason to doubt her with all the things she's been up to.

Ava heads over to Sonny's and lets him know that she knows he sent her the rose. Ava promises that she'll take Avery back when the time comes. When Ava gets home, she finds a dead bird in her bed.

Sam shows up at Wyndemere to yell at Nik for trying to kill Hayden. She's tired of playing nice and warns that she'll call the police. She and Nik get into it, until Jason shows up and beats the ever living poop out of Nikolas. Curtis tries to stop him and gets a punch in the face for his trouble.

Sam convinces Jason to stop and two leave a bleeding Nik on the floor. Nik heads to his room where Hayden shows up and helps clean up his wounds. The two go to bed, each with their own weapon just in case.

Sam and Jason head home, where she's upset that he would have gone to prison if he'd killed Nikolas. The two make love, because nothing says sexy times quite like watching your lover punch the snot out of your murderous cousin.