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Perkie's Observations: Anna Chloroforms Paul on General Hospital

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Jason and Sam wake up together and he wonders if she has any regrets. Sam says she doesn't, but also wonders if anything felt familiar to him. Jason still has no memories, but says it felt natural to be together. Sam worries what to tell people once they find out.

Ava's annoyed with Scott for not protecting her and letting whoever put the bird in her bed. Julian arrives and feels Ava needs someone better than Scotty. Ava blames Sonny and declares that she's going to get Avery back and tear a strip off of Sonny.

Kristina questions Alexis, who admits that she went to see Parker, who set her straight. Alexis says she made mistakes, but thought Kris would have come to her. She promises that Kris can always rely on her. Kris claims her mother is hard to talk to sometimes. Kris says she's confused and asks her mother not to say anything to Sonny yet.

Anna claims she has no location on Carlos, but Sonny spots her suitcase. She admits she knows where he is, but doesn't want Sonny to go with her to get him. Sonny swears he won't hurt Carlos, because he wants him to testify against Julian. Anna feels he won't be able to control himself once he's in Carlos's presence. Sonny denies that and says he's going with her.

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Paul arrives and isn't happy to see Anna hanging out with Sonny. Paul feels it's inappropriate, considering her position as his investigator. Paul accuses Anna of going after Carlos. Anna says she has no clue where Carlos is and feels Paul knows, but is scared Carlos will turn on him. Paul wants her to leave things alone but Anna refuses.

Julian tells Ava that she doesn't have the backing of the Jerome soldiers anymore, that she alienated them and they see her as a traitor. Ava worries that Julian is deserting her too, and will take Paul's protection. Julian promises her that he'll take care of everything.

Sonny tells Carly that he's leaving for business. She realizes that he's going after Carlos and doesn't want him to go. Carly worries that Ava will come for Avery while Sonny is gone and has a bad feeling something will happen with Carlos. Sonny says he needs to do this personally.

Carly runs to Jason's and is surprised to find Sam there. She begs his help regarding Sonny.

Julian meets with Hammer and reminds him that Ava is off limits. Julian says it's an order and that he's now running the organization.

Paul wants to call the police on Anna. When he turns his back on her, she chloroforms him.