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SPOILER ALERT: Abigail Pulls a Left Eye and Starts a Fire on Days of Our Lives (PROMO)


Kate Mansi, Robert Scott Wilson

Don't eff with Abigail "Left Eye" Deveraux DiMera (Kate Mansi)! SPOILER ALERT: Last week on Days of Our Lives, the long-suffering heroine turned the tables on her tormentor. This week on the NBC sudser, Abby sets a bed on fire with Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) tied helplessly to it! 

Now to be fair, ex-boyfriend did pull the same stunt with her before being shipped off to the funny farm a few months ago. I don't know what Mansi's post-Salem career plans are, but if Lifetime ever decides to do a remake of The Burning Bed, sister-friend-girl will be a shoe-in for the Farrah Fawcett role. Watch this week's DAYS promo below!

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