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BLIND ITEMS: Just How Many Soap Operas Are Doing Some Spring Cleaning?


For some time now, the suds rumor mill has been grinding out gossip about this soap or that one enduring budget cuts. At this point it would be easier to do a blind item about which sudser isn't cutting costs!

Three out of four daytime dramas are drawing up their purse strings, according to my moles. That doesn't mean every soap is pinching pennies in the same manner, mind you! 

One soap is keeping sets standing for much longer than usual because the serial's executive producer went so over budget with big stakes Sweeps stories. Utilizing the same old (or like new) sets is one thing; trimming the cast is another.

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This one bubble maker on another dial is seriously looking at cutting down the cast. I hear a popular duo — who respectively play the children of core characters — could be shown the door.

I know what you're thinking. Didn't Days of Our Lives just do that? Yep, they sure did. However, I'm talking about another soap! Apparently the show's writers can't think of anything to do with the twosome in question.

They're finding plenty to do with another pairing fans seem to love. Too bad the male half of the equation hates working with his female counterpart. This just might land one or both of these thespians on the chopping block. It doesn't help that this fictional couple's ties to the canvas are tenuous at best. 

Another cost saver might be to gut the male half of yet another of this soap's most popular current couples. Fans will go ape poop if this guy is fired. Like seriously, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Twitter for at least two weeks. The thing is, the dude's boss simply cannot stand him. 

Speaking of chopping blocks, I hear a case is being made to oust one teflon showrunner. Hmm, I wonder who'll be better at playing the daytime version of Game of Thrones this time?