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The Bold and the Beautiful Actors Shine as Quinn's Plan Falls Apart

Scott Clifton, Darin Brooks, Rena Sofer

Scott Clifton, Darin Brooks, Rena Sofer

There is no mistaking how the Daytime Confidential podcast crew feels about current storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful. However, the payoff for Quinn's (Rena Sofer) misguided Adam and Eve plot was well-played. "Adam" (Scott Clifton) was startled by a strange man entering the bedroom. When Wyatt (Darin Brooks) uttered his name, the pieces of Liam's memory began falling into place.

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Quinn desperately pleaded for Wyatt to go home to new wife Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and turn a blind eye to her shenanigans at the cabin. Would he keep his mother's impossible secret or turn her in to the police as his brother's kidnapper? Actually, they didn't do either. Instead, the Spencer brothers locked Quinn in a closet — bypassing the police station and hospital — and rushed to Liam's beach house.

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Meanwhile, Bill (Don Diamont) and Steffy discussed the possibility that Liam was in trouble. To do her part, Steffy walked to the beach and cast forlorn looks across the Pacific. Cue another montage of Steffy and the brothers Spencer.

Wyatt eventually delivered his brother to the beach house. In what seemed like a scene from a classic black and white movie, Liam and Steffy ran (in slow motion for a very long time) across the hot sand. When they met, Steffy jumped up and wrapped her legs around Liam, seemingly forgetful of her recent nuptials to his brother.

All actors involved did great work. Clifton managed to convey a lot of emotion without speaking. Sofer's skills shine through with a character that, under most circumstances, is one-dimensional. Brooks as Wyatt wavered just long enough to make the audience think he would comply with his mother's insane demands, before ultimately saving his brother.

Quinn won't stay in that closet for long, so Liam and Steffy better enjoy their sandy reunion while they can. There's also the fact that she's now his sister-in-law to deal with. Plus, Deacon (Sean Kanan) can only tread water for so long. I guess the ultimate question is, was the payoff worth the journey?