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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Pulls Through Her Surgery on GH

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Leslie Charleson, Jane Elliot

Leslie Charleson, Jane Elliot

Anna duct tapes Paul's mouth and handcuffs him to her staircase. Andre arrives as she's trying to leave. He is worried about her because of the situation with Carlos. Andre mentions that Jordan is uncomfortable with his relationship with Anna. Paul makes a noise from inside the house, which Andre questions. Anna claims Emma has a cold. Andre knows she's lying, but he leaves anyway.

Griffin updates Monica and Dillon on Tracy's surgery. He lets them know the cyst and the infection are gone, but she is not yet awake. Monica wonders if there will be any behavioral changes, but Griffin doesn't know how things will go.

Finn is upset that Tracy is still unconscious and does everything he can to wake her up. When Tracy finally comes around, Finn tells her that the worst of it is over.

Carly tells Jason that Sonny is going after Carlos and she wants Jason to talk him out of it. Jason says he's distanced himself from Sonny, who won't want to hear from him. Carly appeals to Sam, who feels that it's Jason decision.

Michael realizes that Sonny is going after Carlos and wants to go as well. Sonny says Carly would never forgive him if he allowed Michael to tag along and wants Michael to take care of the family while he's gone. Michael worries that Carlos is dangerous and asks Sonny to take care of Sabrina and the baby.

Nina wants some sexy time with Franco, who's thrilled until he finds out that she still wants to have a baby. Nina says she's waiting for a call from Dr. Lee with the results of her tests. Franco yells at her that he doesn't want a baby. Nina counters that he's good with other people's kids, but Franco says his DNA is screwed up.

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Squirrelly Finn tries to take his dose of whatever from the giant 1960 syringe, only to be interrupted by Griffin, who wants to make nice. Finn says he wants time alone. Griffin notices that Finn is behaving a little off, but chalks it up to the long surgery. Finn eventually takes his drug.

Dillon is thrilled to see Tracy awake. Tracy tells Monica that she loves her. Michael pays a visit and apologizes for not paying attention to the ELQ lawsuit. Tracy feels she now has things in perspective.

Jason tells Sonny that Carly is scared to lose him. Sonny says he can't change and that Carly knows this. Jason says he's risking his life going after Carlos, but Sonny feels that he needs to do it.

Carly wonders if Sam and Jason are reunited when she finds them at his apartment together. Sam says they're happy, but that she now worries because she lost him once before. Carly's happy for them, but admits that things are different with her and Sonny now, and that she's afraid to lose him.

Nina gets an upsetting call from Dr. Lee, but refuses to accept comfort from Franco. She feels he got what he wanted, no baby.

Sonny calls Carly from the plane. Carly begs him to be safe and to come back to her. Sonny tells her to lean on Michael.

Anna chloroforms Paul again, then leaves him tied to her banister. She goes to meet Sonny on his plane. She reminds him that they're bringing Carlos back alive.