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Now Ole' Fussin' Jack is Preaching at Drunk Nikki on The Young and the Restless (SNEAK PEEK)


Peter Bergman, Melody Thomas Scott

When did Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) become such a pill? The once lovable, roguish cosmetics scion who bedded lovely models with abandon and drove fragile child brides crazy with jealousy, is now a hissing, preaching bore! Seriously, Jack has almost become as insufferable as Bitchy Ghost Dad John (Jerry Douglas), what with all his moralizing and foundation starting. 

Today on The Young and the Restless, Mister Fussy Britches is ragging on poor, inebriated Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). Okay, so she forgot to have more than a few slurps of consommé at Gina Roma's restaurant before tying one on. That's no reason for Jack to be all up in his feelings like he is in the promo below!

I mean, yeah, Nikki apparently ends up playing chicken on the highway — drunker than Cooter Brown at a picnic — and gets her designer clad self hit by a delivery truck secretly sneaking powdered cappuccino mix to those posers over at Crimson Lights. Why is that any of Jack's affair? Doesn't he have some blusher to be pushing?  

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It wasn't so long ago Judgmental Jackie was snorting blow off the dimpled buttocks of a dead hooker in the Abbott family living room. Judge not lest ye be drugged. 

Elsewhere in Genoa City, depositions are beginning in the Case of The Stolen Norton Antivirus Patent. Remember when this soap's business arcs hinged on lush, glitzy fictional brands like Glow By Jabot, Brash & Sassy and Beauty of Nature? To borrow from Archie and Edith Bunker, those were the DAAAAAAAYS! Watch today's Y&R sneak peek below.