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Perkie's Observations: With Sam's Help, Jason Seizes Control of ELQ on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Sonny wonders if he's walked into a trap. He invokes Sabrina's name to reason with Carlos. 

Carlos says Sabrina is out of the way in Puerto Rico. Sonny claims Carlos will have nowhere to run if he kills him. Sonny asks if Carlos is the one who shot him. Carlos doesn't fully admit or deny it. Carlos wants Sonny to say a final prayer before he kills him. I say, Carlos, less talky talky, more shooty shooty.

Anna accuses Paul of sending Sonny after Carlos. Paul says he's trying to save Anna from herself. Anna creates a distraction and knocks out the customs agent. She grabs her gun and heads out after Sonny.   

Jordan is shocked to find out there is an arrest warrant out for Anna. She heads over to Anna's house and finds Paul there. He admits he put out the warrant on Anna and tells Jordan about Anna shooting Carlos.

Jason says he wants to buy the ELQ shares from Nikolas. Sam feels he should put them in Spencer's name to keep them out of Hayden's hands. Nikolas says Jason doesn't have enough money and snickers when Jason hands him a check. Jason says Nikolas has no choice; he'll go to prison for shooting Hayden.

Lulu and Dante run into Valerie in the park.  The tension is thick. Lulu is the first to extend an olive branch, pointing out they're family and will run into each other.

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Lulu congratulates Valerie on her upcoming graduation from the police academy. After Valerie leaves, Lulu and Dante work on their marriage counseling in an after school special kind of way.

Hayden tells Curtis how she's won over Nikolas, who's going to be signing the shares over to her. Hayden says she'll no longer need Curtis' services. He says he wants to remain friends with her. The two hug, which Valerie witnesses. 

 After Hayden leaves, Val questions Curtis about his relationship with Hayden. Curtis says he and Hayden are friends. He's only interested in Val, but she leaves anyway.

Carly runs into Franco. He thanks her for helping Kiki the night of the shooting, then blames it all on Morgan. Carly defends Morgan's actions. She says he was trying to help Sonny. This doesn't sit well with Franco. The two snark at each other before Franco stalks off. Carly continues to worry about Sonny.  

  Nikolas is not happy with JaSam for blackmailling him. He accuses Jason of never caring about ELQ before. He also warns he'll never forgive Sam. She reminds him he kept Jason and Danny apart and shows no remorse. 

Nik admits his wrongdoing saying she and Danny were better off without Jason. Nikolas says there is no good in Jason, despite Emily's claims otherwise. 

 Jason warns Nikolas he will kill him if he puts his hands on Sam again. Nikolas hands them the shares.   

Hayden gets home and asks if NIkolas signed the papers. He tells her the stock is gone. ELQ is no longer his to give. 

Carlos is distracted. This gives Sonny a chance to grab the gun from him.

 Anna arrives. The two men fight over the gun. A shot rings out. Since it's not Christmas or my birthday, I'm guessing Sonny will be fine. So goodbye, Carlos.