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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Allows Anna to Arrest Carlos on General Hospital

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Sonny decides he wants to kill Carlos despite Anna's need to bring him in alive. Sonny claims he's doing it in the name of justice for Duke. The reality is, there's been a long drought since AJ's murder and he's jonesing for new blood.

Sonny claims that not killing Carlos would show weakness. Anna counters that Duke was the man that she loved and she's lost too much. Anna says if Sonny kills Carlos, he'll have to kill her as well. In the end, Sonny allows Anna to arrest Carlos.

Kiki and Morgan FaceTime together. He tells her that he's working on himself, but that he's there for her. He's happy to hear that Kiki is being released from the hospital.

Kiki tells Ava that she wants to move back home to live with her and Avery. Ava is thrilled, but she admits to Kiki that she would be in danger. She explains that the organization wants revenge on her for working with Paul. Ava tells Kiki that she's arranged for her to stay with Franco.

Carly's thrilled with Morgan's apparent progress. He wonders where Sonny is. Morgan isn't happy when she and Michael beat around the bush. Carly finally tells Morgan that Sonny has gone after Carlos. Morgan takes the news fairly well and decides to stay out of it. Morgan however, wants to be released so he can help Kiki recover. Carly tries to convince him that he still isn't better, something Whiny McWhiny Pants doesn't want to hear.

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Alexis and Julian discuss Kristina. Alexis worries how Sonny will take the news. Later, she overhears Julian on the phone. When Alexis presses him, Julian tells her about sabotaging Crimson and giving the magazine to Nina. Alexis is just grateful that he's not back in the organization.

Paul tells Jordan that Anna shot Carlos four times. Despite Jordan's memory of Anna telling her that Paul has something on her, Jordan asks for proof. Paul says Anna confessed to him. He claims he wants Anna back in town safely.

Andre, who is worried about Anna, arrives at her house as Jordan is leaving. Jordan tells him about the arrest warrant and says it is because Anna was going after Carlos. Andre doesn't believe Anna would harm Carlos. Jordan realizes that he knows Anna shot Carlos before. Andre explains that Anna was his patient and he can't disclose anything to Jordan.

Carlos taunts Sonny that there is no case against him, and that he will walk. Sonny says Carlos disrespected him and he will pay.

On the plane, the customs agent stops the trio from leaving, saying Anna will go to jail for assaulting him. Anna apologizes and explains about apprehending Carlos. Apparently, Robert reached out to the agent and explained the situation, but he's still not happy. Sonny mentions doing business with a Don Filipe, so the agent backs down and lets them leave.

Kiki and Dillon run into each other. She remembers him from the Halloween party. Because Paul is his father, he apologizes for her getting shot. Their meeting is cute, until one of her balloons bursts and she reacts to it.

Paul tells Julian that Carlos is on his way back and will likely turn against him. Paul warns him to get his affairs in order and to take care of anything before Carlos' return.