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Booze Hound Katie Becomes a Paternity Sleuthing Nancy Drew on Bold & Beautiful (SNEAK PEEK)

Heather Tom

Heather Tom

Who says all of The Bold and the Beautiful's storylines exist on separate islands in 2016? This week, Katie (Heather Tom) is taking time out from the alcohol-soaked love triangle she's in with her hubby and sister to sniff out the truth about Ridge's (Thorsten Kaye) useless spunk.  

Katie overheard part of the argument Ridge had with his skeevy ex-dick doctor on Thursday's episode. On Friday, she'll push the unscrupulous medic for more tea.

I wonder if the lush plans to run the juicy story of Ridge's trophy wife having another man's baby in one of Spencer Publications' international stable of tabloids? Nah. That plot twist would actually be interesting. 

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While Katie is boozing and snooping, Bill (Don Diamont) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) will be fretting about Katie's drinking. Which is totally different from those times when Katie and Bill were fretting about Brooke's drinking and/or Katie was fretting about Bill's drinking. All of which have been storylines this show staged during the last two years.

Come on, Brad. Seriously? You're better than this repetitive b.s. Does Cher need to fly over to Hungary and demand you snap out of it? Watch a sneak peek of Friday's B&B below.