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DAYS' Galen Gering: "You Know You've Made it in Daytime When You Have an Evil Twin"

Galen Gering

Galen Gering

The evil twin — the insanely ridiculous soap trope that makes suds fans collectively groan, yet every single daytime soap opera (and a quite a few primetime ones) can't help but do at least two or three...dozen of 'em. 

One soap actor is copping to loving the time his character was replaced by a doppelganger.  In an interview with Glamour, Days of Our Lives' Galen Gering cited the time Stefano (Joe Mascolo) dispatched a Rafe-a-like to pretend to be Sami's (Alison Sweeney) beau — while the real Rafe was held captive — as his favorite storyline on the NBC soap!

Said Gering:

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My favorite was my evil twin. You know you've made it in daytime when you have an evil twin. I got to play the guy, and he had no filter. He was just totally ridiculous, where as, I've always played these altruistic heroes who do the right thing. I've always played the good guy, so you always want to do the opposite. We had a really cool story. Well, I can't say cool because a baby died...  

Considering Gering cut his soap teeth on Passions, a daytime soap where 200-year-old witches and drunken little people ran amok, a few Salem doppelgangers probably felt downright same and seemly. What has been your favorite storyline involving Rafe Hernandez on Days of Our Lives? Sound off in the comments!