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Perkie's Observations: Paul Promises to Protect Carlos on General Hospital

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Carly finds Finn passed out, but he comes to before she can call 9-1-1. Finn's angry that she let herself in again. Carly explains that she was concerned when he didn't answer his wake-up calls or the door. She says she thought Finn had overdosed.

Finn claims that he has diabetes. Carly says Lucas has type 1 diabetes, but behaves differently. Finn claims he has type 2 and simply took too much insulin. He asks her to respect his privacy.

Liesl interrupts Carly and Finn to tell him that he missed the residents' lecture, and that once he's finished with Tracy's case, he's no longer welcome at the hospital. Carly doesn't understand why Finn didn't tell Liesl that he has diabetes.

Because of her fight with Franco, Nina moves in with Maxie and Nathan. After Maxie leaves, Nathan explains to Nina about Claudette, and that Maxie's upset about it. Nina feels Nathan is the most honest man she knows and wonders why he lied to Maxie. Nathan turns the talk to Franco, which upsets Nina. She grabs Maxie's tablet by mistake. She tells Nathan that Maxie has been researching Claudette. Nina tells him to make things right with Maxie.

Julian meets with Ava to let her know that he's given the order that no one is to bother her again. Ava worries that he's being pulled back into the business. Julian tells her that Carlos has been caught and worries about his freedom. Ava doesn't want Julian to lose his family. He claims he is in charge temporarily to protect her. Ava tells him the only way to stop Carlos is to get rid of him.

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Anna tells Griffin that Carlos has been caught and brought back for prosecution. Griffin runs into Maxie at the Metro Court, who's angry at all men. She's softens up when Griffin tells her that the man who murdered his father is in custody.

Griffin tells her that Duke was his father. Maxie mentions how great a person he was. She talks about losing Georgie and how she'll never forgive the man who killed her sister.

Griffin leaves the table for a moment. Nathan arrives and declares Maxie is the only woman he wants. He gets down on one knee to propose to Maxie. Griffin watches from a distance. He recognizes Nathan.

Paul's angry with Anna for botching everything up. She says she's willing to face the consequences. Jordan wants answers from Anna, who tells her the story of the night she shot Carlos. Anna understands that she'll face criminal charges, but is fine with that as long as Julian goes down as well. Jordan wonders what Carlos has on Paul.

Franco's taking care of a recovering Kiki. She wonders what the fight between Franco and Nina is about. Franco says he doesn't want kids and that he's happy just being her surrogate father. Franco leaves to find Nina, but Kiki doesn't want to be left alone. A car backfires and she reacts. Franco comforts her and reassures her that she's safe.

Jordan and Anna want to speak with Carlos, but he only wants to speak with Paul. Paul tells Carlos if he turn's on Julian, he'll only serve a couple of years. Paul promises protection for Carlos.

Carlos calls Julian and summons him to the police station.