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The Bold and the Beautiful Mixes Booze with Promises and Disappointments

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) returned to Los Angeles early last year full of promise. She fled to Milan to piece her life back together and while there, she successfully headed up Forrester Creations in Europe. The two main men in her life, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Bill (Don Diamont), moved on with other women, putting Brooke into a tailspin.

Her loneliness and depression overshadowed her strength of character, and she quickly made the bottle her best friend. Her drinking caught the attention of ex-lover Deacon (Sean Kanan), who was engaged to Quinn (Rena Sofer). A potentially interesting triangle, pitting Brooke against an unstable Quinn never got off the ground. Instead, Deacon gave Brooke a couple of pep talks and took her to an AA meeting. This apparently was enough to resolve Brooke's "addiction".

Fast forward one year and we face "addiction" once again. This time, the problem lies with Brooke's sister, Katie (Heather Tom). Katie was an insecure gal who grew up in her sister's shadow. Under Tom, Katie was transformed into a successful business woman in her own right. When she overheard Brooke tell her husband Bill that he was the true love of her life, Katie's insecurities flooded back. She lashed out at her sister and hit the sauce. 

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Lang and Tom shared great scenes when Katie's postpartum depression haze pushed Brooke and Bill together the first time. This version of Katie is just mean. Her tears and rants are empty and hollow. Katie serves up a heapin' helpin' of verbal abuse that's painful to watch. What's worse is Brooke keeps coming back for more.

The potential for the trio's troubles to spill over into other stories hasn't materialized. Neither Brooke, Rick (Jacob Young), nor Maya (Karla Mosley) has pursued Ridge's explosive secret. Randomly, it landed in Katie's lap. The promising drinking buddy relationship between Katie and Dr. Wolin (Mark Damon Espinoza) could have been fun, flirty, and sexy. Unfortunately, he got run over by a delivery truck a few hours after they met.

Promises and disappointments go hand in hand with Brooke and Katie's stories. Promises for all the twists and turns a well-crafted umbrella story could tell with the small, talented, and well-developed cast. Disappointments for all the promises that never come true, and the endless merry-go-rounds of tears, fights, and lies that go nowhere. At the end of the day, it's just a rewritten story about formerly strong women weakened by a man and a bottle.