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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Accepts Nathan's Proposal on General Hospital

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Carlos tells Julian about the deal to give him up. Julian asks him not to take the deal and promises to get him a good lawyer.

Griffin recognizes Nathan from afar. Nathan proposes to Maxie, who introduces him to Griffin. After Griffin leaves, Nathan's upset with Maxie for not answering his proposal. She claims she was caught off guard and feels the proposal is more about his ex-wife than her. Nathan says he's wasted enough time with Claudette and he thinks that he and Maxi are building something real. Maxie then accepts his proposal.

Jordan tells Paul that she's busting him for aiding and abetting Carlos, but Paul says she has no proof. Anna speaks up and explains that Paul murdered Kyle Sloane and that Carlos witnessed it, which is why Paul was paying Carlos off. Jordan asks for proof. Anna says she got a DNA match on the body pulled from the harbor, which was Sloan. Anna also says that Paul confessed this information to her.

Nina tells Franco she's not walking away from him. She says she's lucky to be alive and to have him in her life. Franco feels they can have a full life together with just the two of them. However, Nina wants them to go away RIGHTNOW and has the tickets ready. Franco says he can't leave because he's taking care of Kiki, but they can go another time. Nina realizes that he'll never pick her first and storms out.

Kristina meets with Sonny, who offers her a job as an office assistant at the coffee warehouse. He feels that they need to spend time together and improve their relationship. Kristina is about to confide in him when Griffin shows up, so she leaves.

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Alexis tells Sam that Carlos is back in town and worries that Julian will be taken down. She's determined to stand by her man, no matter what. Julian gets home and tells Alexis about the deal. He wants her to defend Carlos and not have him take the deal. Alexis points out the conflict of interest, but Julian feels this is the only way to save Carlos.

Griffin asks Sonny what his intentions are regarding Carlos. He feels that Carlos will answer through the justice system. Griffin says if Carlos doesn't, then there should be no more blood spilled in Duke's name.

Kristina tells Sam about her meeting with Sonny and admits that Parker is a woman. Sam claims that Sonny is a reasonable man and brings up his relationship with Stone and Robin. Sam tells Kristina that she needs to get out amongst other people to help figure this out.

Paul points out that if he goes to jail for killing Sloan, Anna will answer for shooting Carlos. Paul can't understand why Anna is willing to accept her punishment. Jordan decides to arrest both of them, starting with Anna.

Alexis shows up at the PCPD to represent Carlos.

Sonny has Max grab Julian on the street.