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Marlena Worries Abigail Might Try to Turn Her Baby Into Potato Salad For Her Next BBQ on DAYS


Deidre Hall, Kate Mansi

This Days of Our Lives mini-recap is brought to you by Lithium...and Seroquel....and Paxil...and brown liquor. Maybe with a combination of one or more, someone at NBC, Sony Pictures Television and/or Corday Productions will realize how woefully depressing this show has become. Charles Manson's followers would find DAYS too morbid at this point!

When we last visited Salem U.S.A., Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) was on his way to prison. His mama, Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), was trying to shrink some sense into firebug Abigail's (Kate Mansi) fool head. It's too late. That girl's done plum lost her very last marble!

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Abby told Marlena all about how she stuffed an apple in serial killer Ben's (Robert Scott Wilson) pretty little boy mouth and tried to roast him alive in Stefano's (Joe Mascolo) master suite. Instead of begging her feet not to fail her, Doc told Chad (Billy Flynn) he better lock Abby up tighter than a corset at cotillion before she decides to make a side of potato salad out of him and that baby for her next BBQ.

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Elsewhere in Salem U.S.A., Victor's (John Aniston) progeny are trying to figure out how to get his fortune back from their evil Uncle Deimos (Vincent Irizarry). As for the former Greek tycoon, he's recovering from a heart attack in one room at University Hospital, while his beloved Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) deals with the fact that she may never walk again in another. 

Doesn't this soap just make ya wanna have your Mommy & Me Group over to binge watch while chasing down some scones with hemlock? Watch the latest DAYS recap video below!