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Perkie's Observations: Paul Undermines Anna on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes. Richard Burgi

Finola Hughes. Richard Burgi

Anna's waiting for a bail hearing, but Paul says she may not be let out on bail. He feels she's a danger to herself and others. Paul says she's not of sound mind, despite Anna's assertions that she's perfectly sane. He feels that Anna could be a flight risk. He's brought in an expert to evaluate her.

Finn tells Tracy that her tests results are clear. Monica lets her know that she'll be released in a few days. Tracy wants to continue being Finn's patient, but he explains that he no longer has privileges at the hospital. Monica thinks the Qs have enough clout to get him a permanent position.

Jordan apologizes to Andre for biting his head off. She says she was worried about Anna. Andre is shocked to hear that Anna is in custody.

Olivia runs into Ned, and shows him pictures of a growing Leo. Olivia tells him that she and Julian are co-parenting and she's happy. Ned hopes they can have some time together before he leaves Port Charles.

Julian wants information on Carlos' case, but Alexis reminds him about client confidentiality. Later, Olivia tells Julian that she's worried about him and that his past is coming back to haunt him.

Liesl overhears Monica mention putting Finn on staff. Liesl reminds Monica that she isn't the chief of staff and she makes the decisions on who gets hired and fired. Carly overhears them and demands to know what Liesl has against Finn. Carly feels Finn would be a huge asset to the hospital. Liesl says Finn has no place with them.

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Finn thanks Carly for standing up for him. Josslyn mentions that she is doing a school project on bearded dragons and asks if she can study Roxie. Finn is thrilled with this.

Andre meets with Anna and questions her about why she confessed. Anna says she's tired of Paul holding something over her. She wants to build a case against Carlos to put him and Julian away, which will get justice for Duke. Is Duke dead? I hadn't heard.

Anna says Carlos confessed to Sabrina and they need her to testify, but they have no idea where she is. Andre questions what Anna's plans are when she's released. He thinks she may be where she belongs.

Alexis wants to discuss Carlos' case with Jordan. Jordan says they have Sabrina's video statement. Alexis thinks she can get that thrown out because there is no physical evidence. Alexis plans on passing a motion to have the case dismissed.

Ned visits with Tracy, who wants her son to stay in town and work at ELQ. Ned says they'll drive each other crazy in no time. He points out that she's always wanted to run the company by herself. Tracy says she's not interested in that anymore. She just wants them all to be a family again.

Jordan tells Paul that Carlos won't take the deal, despite Paul's assertions that they have a strong case.

Alexis runs into Sonny who isn't happy that she's working on Carlos' case. Sonny essentially calls her a hypocrite. She feels Carlos deserves competent representation, just like Sonny did. Sonny says she's defending a madman to protect Julian and warns her to be careful.

Paul checks in on Andre and Anna, and asks if Anna is fit for bail.