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Perkie's Observations: Scotty is Hired to Defend Anna on General Hospital

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Paul wants Andre's assessment of Anna, but Andre says he has a prior relationship with Anna and is recusing himself. He tells Paul to find another shrink to assess her.

Anna accuses Paul of underestimating her. She says she's not the usual helpless woman that usually falls for him. Anna feels Paul is motivated by self interest and is untrustworthy. Scotty shows up and tells Anna to shut it.

Griffin wants to see Anna, but Jordan turns him away. She explains to him that only family or legal counsel can see her.

Andre tells Jordan that he recused himself. She questions his relationship with Anna. Andre says that Anna was his patient and now he is her friend. Jordan insists he tell her if he wants to be with her or with Anna. Andre grabs her and kisses her.

Nathan surprises Maxie with an engagement party at The Floating Rib. Lulu congratulates Maxie and tells her that she and Dante are back together. Nathan proposes again to Maxie, this time with a ring.

Franco tells Nina that he wants to work things out with her and gives her an adorable puppy. Nina FREAKS OUT and claims a puppy can't fill the baby-sized hole in her heart. Nina says she doesn't know who Franco is. She says it at least five times, so I think she means it. Nina says she was willing to give up baby rabies pain for a life with Franco and this is how he treats her. She tells him to get rid of the dog.

Michael and Felix head to Puerto Rico and meet with Sabrina's father, who says he hasn't seen his daughter in a long time. He tells them to check with her aunt. Her aunt isn't helpful either, claiming she hasn't spoken to Sabrina in months and doesn't even know about the baby.

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Scotty tells Anna that Mac and Felicia paid for his services as her attorney and tells her to stop talking to Paul. Paul's not happy, but Scotty says he'll file a restraining order against the DA if he doesn't stop harassing Anna.

Scotty points out that Anna admitted she wanted to kill Carlos. He also explains that as an ex-spy who is trained to disappear, she is a flight risk. Anna says Paul wants to declare her incompetent, but that she's friends with Andre. Scotty promises to get her out.

Mac welcomes Nathan into the family because he's proven his love for Maxie. Nathan promises to spend his life making Maxie happy.

Griffin inadvertently walks in on the engagement party. Maxie's thrilled to see him and introduces him to Mac and Felicia. They are happy to meet Duke's son. Nathan and Griffin make small talk, but Griffin looks uncomfortable. Nathan mutters that he thinks Griffin has a thing for Maxie. Griffin leaves with a memory of a gunshot.

Maxie tells Lulu that she plans on learning everything about Claudette before she marries Nathan. A distraught Nina shows up and congratulates the happy couple before stumbling out again.

Dante asks Lulu to move back in with him and she accepts.

Jordan feels that Anna's actions disrespected the office and their friendship. Anna says she regrets shooting Carlos, but thinks she would do the same thing again. Jordan wants to make it all go away, but says they need to find Sabrina.

Michael and Felix are leaving the aunt's house when Michael spots a baby rattle on the floor. Uh oh, busted Tia Inocencia.