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Perkie's Observations: Franco's Puppy Causes Jason to Make a Murderous Threat on General Hospital

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Hudson West

Alexis updates Carlos on the status of his case. She questions whether Sabrina will return to Port Charles. If she doesn't, the video will get tossed. Alexis says there's no real physical evidence against Carlos and she's filed a motion to dismiss. Carlos is thrilled but worries Sonny will kill him if he goes free.

Ric tells Sonny the case is full of holes and Alexis will likely win the motion to dismiss. Sonny is annoyed Carlos will likely walk and go into hiding again. Ric asks if Sonny plans on killing Carlos. Sonny doesn't want to discuss business with him. Ric gets upset Sonny doesn't trust him. Sonny says he brought Carlos back to appease Anna, but will do things his way now.

Monica runs into Franco, who has the dog in a box. She assumes he has something dangerous. The two argue before Franco storms off.

Jason and Jake wait for his appointment with Franco. Jason gets angrier, the longer Franco makes them wait. Franco arrives and gives Jake the dog. Jason says they can't keep the dog, which upsets Jake.

Nina is upset to find Julian waiting in her office. She loses her poop on him. Julian says he's there for the financial report that was due yesterday.

 Nina explains about the dog and why she's upset with Franco. Julian offers his condolences for her broken baby maker, but says he understands what Franco was trying to do. Nina feels Franco doesn't really know her. She asks him about Carlos and is willing to listen. Julian doesn't want to share his problems with her.

Zia tells Felix and Michael the toy belongs to the child of a friend. When push comes to shove, the friend and her child show up to pick up the toy. Michael decides to head back to PC to talk to Carlos. Later, Zia pays off the woman with the child and hands the toy to Carlos Junior, who was quietly lying in a crib in the next room.

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Carlos says he and Sabrina were living a peaceful life before Sonny showed up. He wants money to disappear permanently. Carlos tells Alexis he wants Julian to pay him or he'll take the deal and flip on him.

Molly confronts Alexis when she gets home, questioning why she would defend Carlos. Molly is upset for TJ, Sonny, Kristina and Duke. 

 I'll give her TJ, since he was innocent in all of that, but Sonny is a mobster. His loved ones shouldn't be surprised when he gets shot. Duke was no Ghandi either. Also Molly, both your parents are defense attorneys. It's their jobs to defend criminals. Take a seat or two.

Alexis counters that everyone deserves a defense. Molly wonders how she can live with herself because Carlos is pure evil. Alexis pulls out the dagger and reminds Molly that Helena slit her mother's throat with it — that's pure evil.

Molly feels Alexis is only defending Carlos because she's married to Julian. Molly says she and Kristina have accepted Alexis's marriage but helping Carlos means she'll be the reason he gets away with murder.

Sonny calls Max to thank him for some job he's done. A man shows up at the PCPD claiming to have new information on Carlos' case.

Monica comes across Jake and Jason. She questions why Franco would give another man's son a dog. Franco counters she can't talk to him that way;  she isn't chief of staff and all he did was make Jake happy. Monica says he violated some rules and takes the dog away.

Jason is angry with Franco for upsetting Jake. Franco says it's Jason's fault for not letting him keep the dog. Franco accuses Jason of spending all his time with Sam and Danny.

Franco sees himself in Jake, which does not make Jason any happier. Jason says he knows Franco's history. Franco counters saying Jason can't judge since he was a paid killer who has taken no responsibility for his actions. Jason grabs him and shoves Franco up against the wall. He says he should have made sure Franco was dead when he shot him that day in the garage.