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Perkie's Observations: Julian Feels the Heat on General Hospital

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William deVry

William deVry

Franco and Jason continue to fight until Liesl shows up and puts a stop to it. Franco claims Jason is afraid that Jake will learn he was a killer. Sam shows up and convinces Jason to leave.

Liesl tells Franco that he shouldn't have provoked Jason. Franco feels Jake needs him and Jason's trying to change that. Franco complains that he tried to change, but it was for nothing. He wants to be the Franco he was born to be. So much for the whole, 'the tumor did it' excuse.

Ava visits Kiki and asks her to move back home. She tells Kiki that the danger has been handled. Kiki says she wants to stay with Franco.

Alexis tells Julian about her fight with Molly. Julian tells her that she should get rid of the dagger, but Alexis isn't ready to dispose of it yet. Why do I get a feeling it's going to be used as a murder weapon soon?

Jordan meets with a man named Hal at the police station regarding Duke's murder. Hal claims he didn't come forward before now because he had a drug problem. He said he was breaking into cars at the Metro Court and heard two men fighting. Hal explains that Carlos shot Duke, then left him bleeding on the ground. Jordan shows him a photo lineup. Hal picks out Carlos' photo.

Jordan says she has to verify his story. Hal says he's trying to make amends and apologizes for not coming forward sooner.

Jordan tells Alexis about the eyewitness and that Carlos and Julian are going down. Alexis finds the timing suspicious.

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Nina apologizes to Dillon for getting drunk and coming onto him. Dillon says he likes working for her and won't hold it against her. He asks about Franco's reaction, but Nina says he wouldn't care. Nina mentions how Kiki is still feeling the effects of the shooting.

Sam warns Jason that Franco was playing him. Jason wants to know about their past with Franco. Sam explains how Franco was obsessed with him. Jason doesn't want Franco anywhere near Jake.

Ric tells Sonny about the witness at the station. Sonny feels Carlos will take the deal and roll on Julian. Like Alexis, Ric is suspicious of the timing.

Ava asks Julian about her safety. He tells her that no one is coming after her. He admits to her that he's now running the organization. Ava wonders how Alexis will feel about it, but Julian says he has no intention of telling his wife.

Liesl runs into Nina at The Floating Rib. She tells Nina to make up with Franco and that she should tell him how much she loves him. Liesl calls Franco to join her, but when he gets there and sees Nina, he leaves.

Dillon drops by Kiki's, claiming that he needs help changing a tire. Kiki see through his ruse and accuses him of worrying about her. Dillon admits it and convinces her to go out with him.

Carly's not happy to see Ric with Sonny. She accuses him of being a snake in the grass. Sonny explains that he and Ric are working on finding out where Josslyn's kidney came from.

Alexis tells Julian about the new witness. Ava tells Julian to take care of Carlos. Julian doesn't want to kill Carlos. He calls Hammer and tells him to take care of the witness.