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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Makes a Power Play on General Hospital

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Jane Elliot

Jane Elliot

Tracy calls an emergency board meeting and manages to throw her weight around enough to get Liesl removed as chief of staff (COS). Liesl is upset, but Tracy points out that she can still work as a doctor if the new COS allows it. Monica is shocked when Tracy tells her that she has been reinstated.

Monica's first order is to offer Finn a position, which he promptly turns down. When Monica offers him whatever he wants, he finally agrees.

As Jason and Sam leave the barn, they notice muddy footprints near the window. Neither are overly concerned that someone may have been watching them.

Franco and his muddy shoes get home to a worried Nina, who wonders where he's been all night. Franco claims he was at the hospital, then out drinking, then sleeping in his car. The two argue about what they want.

Nina cries about losing 20 years of her life and a baby. She says doesn't know how to get past it. Franco sits there like a chump as she tells him that she needs understanding and compassion from him that he's clearly not able to give. Franco decides it's time to part ways. Later, Nina packs her bags and leaves.

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Maxie wants more information about Claudette and their marriage, but Nathan reminds her that it was a only marriage of convenience. Nathan says Claudette never loved him and wants her to drop it. Maxie eventually agrees.

Sonny questions Michael about Puerto Rico. Michael admits that he was looking for Sabrina. Sonny tells him that Sabrina doesn't want to be found. Michael refuses to listen, despite Sonny's worries that Carlos is dangerous.

Maxie asks Sam for her PI services to find out what Nathan is lying about. At first, Sam says she can't take the case. Maxie gets upset and explains that she needs to know the truth before she can marry Nathan. Maxie says she'll get help elsewhere. Hmmm, if only she knew a geeky computer nerd who can bang on computer keys. Sam eventually agrees to help her, but warns Maxie that she may not like what she finds.

Sonny summons Jason. He tells him that Michael may be in trouble because he is sticking his nose into the Carlos thing. Sonny says he has his men looking for Sabrina, but wants Jason's help in convincing Michael to back off. Jason agrees to help Sonny.

Liesl tells Nathan that she's been stripped of her COS position and she has regrets of how things went down. She tells Nathan that he should never tell Maxie the truth about what happened with Claudette because he'll end up in Pentonville.

Finn runs into Carly and tells her that he's now working at the hospital. Talk turns to Josslyn and her kidney transplant. Carly tells him about Jake not being the donor and that Sonny will find out where the kidney came from. Finn warns her that she may not want to know the truth.

Michael asks to see Carlos and demands to know where Sabrina is. Carlos says Sabrina doesn't need rescuing, that they love each other and their baby. Carlos tells Michael that Sabrina doesn't want him. Carlos then informs Michael that he and Sabrina are married.