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Billy Makes a Brash & Sassy Move on The Young and the Restless

billy victoria brash sassy Y&R

Eric Braeden, Jason Thompson, Amelia Heinle

Every once in a while there's a bit of gold in the big pile of...dirt. Although soaps air on the daily, this sweet nugget of a story was not to be savored for long because it all happened in ONE episode. So, if you were focused on a baby swap and car crash, you might have missed it.

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On last week's The Young and the Restless, the newest version of Billy (Jason Thompson) took fair advantage of an unfair power play by Victor (Eric Braeden), who was manipulating his daughter Victoria (Amelia Heinle) from behind prison walls.

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Victoria was rightfully shocked to find out that her baby, Brash & Sassy, was sold right out from under her. Newman sibs Victoria and Nick (Joshua Morrow) did some digging and it led them straight to another sister, Abby (Melissa Ordway). Abby's been so busy with her sadistic, baby-killing stepson Max (Jared Breeze), that she forgot to tell Victoria she gave her proxy to dear old daddy.

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In the meantime, Billy pressed Jack (Peter Bergman) for $10 million for being booted from Jabot. Jack denied Billy until he threatened to sell off his shares of his family's company. Under pressure, Jack relented and transferred the money into Billy's account.

Victoria used her CEO powers to double the selling price. Later, she found out someone actually paid the full amount. Just then, Billy swaggered into the Newman office.

Billy walked around and stood in front of his nemesis' ever-present portrait. He flashed his dimples and announced to Victoria that he was the new owner of Brash & Sassy. Billy's boss move puts him in the firing line of many people, but none so much as Victoria and Victor. How will the Black Knight react when he finds out that Billy-boy Abbott pulled a fast one on him? No doubt Victoria will be flamed for this and not Victor, who set the plan in motion.