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Perkie's Observations: Jason Refuses to Help Sonny with Michael on General Hospital

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Carlos tells Michael that he's going to be released and will rejoin Sabrina and their son. Michael wants to know where they are so he can take of them, but Carlos says Alexis will get him released.

Finn explains to Carly that Josslyn's kidney could have come from the black market. Carly is shocked that someone could have been murdered to provide the organ. Despite this, Carly still wants to find out the truth.

Brad and Lucas discuss their wedding plans. Things aren't coming together like they want. When they finally find a date and venue, it turns out the date is the night of the Nurses' Ball.

Sonny wants Jason's help with Michael, but Jason thinks Sonny's playing him. Jason says Michael is a grown man who can do whatever he wants. Sonny explains that sometimes you have to intervene, and that Michael is vulnerable.

Sonny feels that Michael would listen to Jason and wonders why he won't help. Sonny swears he's not asking Jason to kill anyone, but just to talk to Michael. Jason says he wants nothing to do with the business, and that he has too much to lose.

Anna pleads not guilty at her bail hearing. Scott wants her released, but Paul wants her held without bail. Paul explains to the judge that Anna's an intelligence agent and could disappear easily. He claims that her mental health has deteriorated since Duke's death and feels she's unfit to be released. Paul says his psychiatrist found Anna to be unstable and a flight risk.

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Alexis stops by to speak with Carlos. Michael tears a strip off of her for taking on the job, seeing as Carlos shot Kristina's father. Michael heads out to ask Jordan for help with finding Sabrina. Jordan says Sabrina left willingly and it's now in the hands of the Feds. Michael worries about Carlos walking, but Jordan says there's been a new development.

Alexis tells Carlos that their motion was denied because a witness came forward. Carlos can't believe the coincidence and claims that Sonny paid the witness. Alexis says she's looking into it. She tells him the witness identified Carlos as the shooter. Carlos tells her to fix it or he'll testify against Julian.

Brad checks in with Finn about the lab hours he was requesting and wonders what special research Finn will be doing. Finn doesn't want to share that information and says part of his contract was that he could work alone.

Andre shows up at the hearing and offers to speak on Anna's behalf. Andre explains how Anna was grief stricken over Duke's death, but built a case against Carlos and brought him back to stand trial. Andre feels that Anna is a person of moral courage and not a flight risk.

The judge decrees Anna is not a flight risk and sets bail. Scott warns Paul to back off of Anna and that he knows what happened with Sloan. Jordan watches as Anna thanks Andre. The two hug.

Carly and Sonny whine that their Jason is gone. Yes, how sad that your little lap dog doesn't want to kill for you anymore.

Michael pops back into see Carlos, who's upset about the witness. Carlos says he'll tell Michael where Sabrina is, if Michael helps him escape.