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Perkie's Observations: Julian Puts Out a Successful Hit on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

Jason pulls Michael out of the interrogation room. Michael says Carlos knows where Sabrina is. Jason says Carlos is only going to use him and hurt him to get back at Sonny. Jason doesn't want Michael implicated in whatever Carlos has planned. Michael says Sabrina is in trouble and has no one to help her. He promises Jason he knows what he's doing.

Anna thanks Andre for everything he's done for her. After Anna leaves, Jordan gets angry with Andre for being interested in Anna. Andre assures her he is only Anna's friend and Jordan is seeing things that aren't there. Andre decides Jordan thinks he's cheating because she cheated on her own husband. Jordan slaps him and storms off.

Alexis spots Hal at The Rib and asks to speak with him. She tries to scare him a little in regards to how awful the deposition will be. Hal says he plans on telling the truth — which is that Carlos shot Duke — and storms out.

Sam pays Julian a visit. She  asks if he sent Carlos to ambush Sonny. Julian denies being responsible. Sam is upset Alexis is defending Carlos because of Julian. She feels it's not her mother's mess to clean up. Julian says Alexis has made peace with his past and chose to defend Carlos.

The Feds want more information from Hayden. They think she's hiding more than just a name change. Nikolas walks up and claims they are harassing her and need to speak to his attorney. Hayden is confused as to why Nikolas came to her rescue since he hates her. Nikolas claims he doesn't want the Feds to look into his financial situation.

Hayden says they should cut their losses and go their separate ways. She's ready to take the $5 million from the pre-nup. Nikolas says she has the information he tried to kill her. Hayden claims she won't press charges. Nikolas pulls out her bag and finds a bag of diamonds in her possession.

Mac compliments Griffin on his work saving Tracy's life. He says Duke would be proud. Anna stops by and tells them she's free on bail. Talk turns to Duke. Anna mentions it's the anniversary of his death. Anna says she'll find peace when Carlos and Julian pay for their crimes.

Andre follows Jordan home and apologizes for what he said about her husband. He reassures her again he's not interested romantically in Anna. He wants Jordan. The two make love.

Alexis tells Julian the witness checks out which means Sabrina's testimony will be admissible. Alexis says she can't get the charges against Carlos dismissed. He will get convicted unless he takes the deal to turn on Julian. Julian assures her the witness won't be a problem for her.

Sam wants to go on vacation with Jason and Danny. Jason is all for it. The two realize they're being watched and find Franco in the bushes.

Michael tells Carlos he won't help him escape, since he'll likely lie about Sabrina's whereabouts. Carlos promises he'll find someone else to help him.

Julian gets a call from his minion that the witness has been taken care of. Alexis finds Hal dead in his car with a needle sticking out of his arm.