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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Accuse Franco of Stalking Them on General Hospital

Roger Howarth, Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Roger Howarth, Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Nathan comes across Alexis and Hale. Hale is taken to the hospital where Nathan gets Alexis' statement. She tells him that Hale was a witness for Duke and that she'd spoken to him earlier.

Hayden accuses Nikolas of planting the diamonds on her and says he can't tie them to her. Nikolas says he traced them back to a necklace that her father gave her mother. He accuses Hayden of hiding evidence. The two decide to call a truce and go their separate ways.

Nikolas wants her to sign a form to surrender the $5 million from the prenup. Hayden refuses to sign it, saying she needs the money and isn't leaving without it. Nikolas decides he's going to call the Feds and tell them about the diamonds. Nikolas backs down when Hayden threatens to tell them that he tried to kill her. Hayden says she's entitled to certain privileges. Nikolas says he'll give her an allowance.

Jason finds Franco lurking in the bushes. Sam accuses him of stalking them. She claims he was watching them when they were at the barn. Franco denies it. He pulls out his sketchbook and shows them that he's been sketching things in nature.

Jason grabs the sketchbook away from Franco and they see the sketch of Nina. They wonder why Franco would draw something that creepy. Franco says he and Nina had a fight and he drew the photo as a way of working stuff out, but has no intention of hurting her.

Nina overhears the end of Julian's conversation, but he says it was just a business call. Nina tells him that she and Franco are done because they want different things. Julian gets a call to meet Alexis at the hospital.

Anna talks to Griffin about the new witness and how he'll help convict Carlos and Julian. She's happy to be getting "justice for Duke."  I think I've heard that once or twice before.

Anna explains how she and Duke met. Griffin wants to learn to tango, so Anna teaches him. They make plans to go out for dinner to celebrate Duke's life, but Griffin has to stop by the hospital first.

Franco goes to Nina.  He tells her that Jason and Sam got the wrong idea and he wants to get ahead of it. He shows her the portrait, which Nina sees as a threat. Franco swears he would never hurt her, but he was angry and drew what he was feeling.

At the hospital, Alexis tells Julian that she found the witness with a needle in his arm. The doctor comes out and tells Nathan that he died from a drug overdose. Nathan wants an investigation.

Griffin changes his shirt and spends some time checking out his bullet scar as Nathan walks in.

Jason and Sam show up at the hospital for unknown reasons (seriously, did they give a reason why they were strolling through the ER at that moment?). Alexis explains that the witness for Carlos' case is dead. Anna walks up and overhears. Anna accuses Julian of killing the witness and accuses Alexis of protecting Julian.