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Perkie's Observations: Liz Sends Jason and Franco to Their Corners on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Anna has Alexis taken down to the station to answer questions about Hale's death. Dante allows her to sit in on the questioning. Alexis explains about meeting Hale and then finding him in the garage. Anna mentions Luis and Kiefer's death at Alexis' hand, and feels there is a pattern.

Nathan spots Griffin's gunshot scar and asks how he was shot, but Griffin is not comfortable talking about it. Maxie walks in on them. When Griffin leaves, Nathan mentions how squirrelly Griffin was behaving. Maxie warns him to leave things be and reminds him that they all have a past.

Jason reassures Sam that Anna isn't after Alexis, but trying to get to Julian. Jason wonders if Sam thinks Julian had the witness killed. Sam admits that her father may not have changed his ways after all.

Liz is startled to find Franco waiting for her at Wyndemere. He says he came in through the tunnels to warn her that Jason is upset with him. Franco explains about the puppy and mentions breaking up with Nina.

Molly talks to Kristina about how horrible Alexis is for taking on Carlos as a client and blames it all on Julian's bad influence. Kristina doesn't want to rock any boats and mess up her truce with her mother.

Kristina mentions that she's going on a date with someone named Aaron. Molly assumes it's a girl until the date shows up and it's the guy that she met at the hospital while visiting Morgan.

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Jason shows up at Wyndemere to warn Liz away from Franco. He explains that Franco has been stalking him and trying to get into his head. Franco admits that he likes to push Jason's buttons, but that everything is being blown out of proportion. Liz breaks them up, sends Franco away, and demands an explanation from Jason.

Jason feels Franco is dangerous and reverting to his old ways. Liz says Franco is making progress with Jake and doesn't see the dangerous side. Jason says Franco is manipulating them, and that he can't be trusted. Liz agrees to stop Jake's therapy sessions with Franco.

Griffin and Sam run into each other and introductions are made. Sam admits their fathers didn't get along, but Griffin feels that's not their battle.

Dante has preliminary forensic reports that say the only prints on the needle were Hale's and there was no sign of a struggle. Dante tells Anna to release Alexis and Julian. Anna tells Alexis that she knows Julian ordered the hit and that she's blind to his crimes. Anna accuses Alexis of being a stooge or an accomplice.

Franco gets to the hospital and is not happy to hear that Liz has pulled Jake out of his sessions.

Sam stops by the station to find her mother, but Dante tells her that Alexis has been released. Dante tells Sam that he believes Alexis is innocent, but Julian - not so much.

Alexis demands answers from Julian. She wants him to tell her the truth about whether or not he ordered the murder of the eyewitness.