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Perkies Observations: Accusations Fly Surrounding Hale's Death on General Hospital

William deVry, Nancy Lee Grahn

William deVry, Nancy Lee Grahn

Alexis demands answers from Julian, who denies, denies, denies. He points out that Duke was less than perfect and that he had put out his own hits. Julian says he had no idea who the witness was. Alexis reminds him that the paperwork was in her briefcase and that he was alone with it for awhile. Julian swears he never looked inside of it. He claims he's changed because of her. He tells Alexis that he loves her and the two make love. Later, Alexis looks like she still has doubts.

Anna is certain that Julian ordered the hit, even though Griffin points out the kid was a junkie who could have overdosed on his own. Anna doesn't believe in coincidences. Anna is certain Alexis is not involved, but that she's in denial about believing Julian is a good man.

Griffin tells Anna to have faith, but she says she doesn't. She wonders if he feels as though God has ever failed him. Griffin says he's the one that failed God.

Kristina and Aaron pop by Sonny's restaurant for her to pick up something. Aaron introduces himself to Sonny and gushes about the coffee business than heads out to check out Sonny's kitchen (apparently the kid's in culinary school). Sonny's happy that Kristina is dating such a nice guy and is glad that she's gotten herself back together.

Carly watches how good Finn is with a patient, then gushes to him about it. Carly still wants Finn's help in figuring out who gave Josslyn the kidney. The two head to the records department only to find out that Dr. Obrecht is now in charge there.

Carly explains what she wants and that she needs to know who the donor was. Liesl refuses to give her that information, which could open up the hospital to a lawsuit.

Hammer pays Carlos a visit and tells him that the witness died and he should be free soon.

Kristina has second thoughts about her date with Aaron. She tells him that she's been suspended, married and divorced, and has questionable taste in men. Aaron says they all have baggage and is still willing to go on their date.

Sonny finds out about the dead witness and heads over to the station. He lets Carlos know that it doesn't matter if he walks out of jail, he won't live long enough to enjoy it.

Carly sneaks into the records room and manages to print out of list of all the employees who were working the night of the kidney transplant.

Finn checks on his elderly patient only to find him dead with Liesl ready to accuse him of something.

Griffin doesn't want Anna to spend time alone and offers to spend the night in her guest room.