Perkie's Observations: Carlos Whines, Jason Declines, and a Part of Sonny Dies on General Hospital

Billy Miller, Maurice Benard

Billy Miller, Maurice Benard

Carlos complains to Paul that Sonny threatened to kill him and that Paul needs to get him out...now. Paul says Carlos will have to stand trial since he rejected the deal to turn on Julian. Carlos warns him that he might tell someone what really happened to Kyle Sloan. Paul offers to transfer Carlos to a different facility with extra security. Paul deliberately leaves a paper clip and a pen on the table for Carlos.

Finn is shocked to see that his patient died. Liesl says it was cardiac arrest and is certain that Finn missed something. She accuses Finn of negligence and plans an autopsy to confirm it.

Jordan and Andre enjoy lots of time in her bed, but when they come up for air, Jordan checks her messages and finds out that the eyewitness is dead.

Lulu and Rocco move back in with Dante. Dante says he wants them to look for a bigger place. Jordan checks in with Dante and asks him to head down to the station to find out what's going on.

Jason pays Sonny a visit to give him an update on what happened with Michael at the station. Jason reassures him that he spoke with Michael, who won't do anything stupid. Sonny's happy that Jason is still taking care of Michael and, then complains about how Julian had the witness killed.

Sonny talks about Julian and how he's dragging down Alexis. Jason shuts Sonny down, telling him that he can't be involved in any of these shenanigans. Sonny gets his panties in a bunch about Jason's rejection. Jason explains that he's not the same guy he was and doesn't work for Sonny anymore.

Carly tells Finn that she has a list of the employees. Finn offers to help, but says to keep it on the down low. Liesl shows up and tells Finn that there will be no autopsy on his patient for religious reasons, but promises that he's not off the hook.

Maxie's happy to see Lulu back at the loft. They talk about the wedding and Maxie asks Lulu to be her maid of honor. Maxie mentions they should go to New York to look for a dress and see Claudette.

Paul tells Jordan that Carlos doesn't feel safe and he's transferring him. Nathan offers to take Carlos. When Dante gets to the station, he volunteers to go with them as well.

Andre offers his condolences to Finn for losing his patient. Finn gets a little cryptic, which confuses Andre. Finn heads off to take another dose from his giant needle.

Carly checks in with Sonny as Jason is leaving. Sonny complains again about Jason not wanting to help him and explains to Carly that Julian had the witness killed. Sonny says Carlos will go free unless he does something about it. Carly asks him to let "justice" deal with Carlos.

In the transport vehicle, Carlos natters on about how he doesn't feel safe, while he quietly manages to remove his handcuffs. Carlos lunges for Dante and the van crashes with Jason on his motorcycle