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Perkie's Observations: Jason Battles Visions and Saves Dante on General Hospital

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Constance Towers, Billy Miller

Constance Towers, Billy Miller

At the crash site, Jason comes to. He finds the driver dead, and Dante unconscious and pinned under the van. His phone is broken, and apparently none of the van passengers have phones or police radios.

Hallucination-Robin arrives and points out the obvious...Dante is trapped and Jason needs to take some risks to save him. Jason isn't a risk taker anymore.

Hallucination-Carly shows up and points out that Jason will need to move the van in order to get Dante out. Jason plans to restart the van. He looks and finds it leaking gas, and realizes he needs another way.

Hallucination-Helena shows up, dressed in a lovely suit and pearls for the occasion. She points out that prison vans don't have jacks and he'll need to find another lever to lift the van. Helena messes with his head. She brings up what may have happened to Jake on Cassadine Island and her conditioning of Jason.

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Jason finds a broken route marker and decides to use it. Helena thinks he should just get on his bike and leave. Hallucination-Sam tries to counter Helena's hold on Jason's brain. Jason tells Sam that he loves her and worries about losing his memories again once Helena's conditioning resets.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sam and Michael hang out while waiting for Danny to stop playing with the new family dog. The two discuss their fathers being at each other's throats. Sam complains that her mother is stuck in the middle, but that she understands how Alexis feels. The two wax poetic about Jason until Danny gets home.

At the crash site, Jason tries to force the lever than blacks out again. Hallucination-Sonny yells at Jason to get him back up. He claims Helena doesn't control him and needs Jason to help Dante.

Jason climbs on his bike, ready to give up, but then remembers that Sonny was good to him when they first met, and they were friends. He recalls the night they met, when he made a scene at Luke's and had no money. Jason talks about his work with Sonny. He remembers Sonny helped him learn to survive and that actions have consequences. Sonny tells him it's his turn to pull himself up. He agrees.

Jason forces the lever, and through physics that I've never encountered before, manages to lift the van. He holds it up and pulls Dante out and out of the way before the van explodes.