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Perkie's Observations: Carlos Makes a Play for Freedom on General Hospital

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Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Jason pulls Dante to safety as the van blows up. Dante comes to and is grateful to Jason for saving him.

Nathan chases Carlos through the woods and manages to call the station for back up. Carlos picks up a rock and goes after Nathan. Paramedics arrive for Dante. Nathan walks up and collapses with a head injury.

Sam overhears Alexis order her own autopsy on Hale and questions why she would do that. Sam thinks her mother should stop defending Carlos because he plays for the "bad" mobster team. Sam says Alexis is compromising herself and that it's not her mess to clean up, but Julian's.

Alexis doesn't want Julian's past to jeopardize their future. Sam feels her father hasn't changed. Alexis points out the hypocrisy considering Sam's own relationship with Jason, but Sam believes Jason and Julian are nothing alike. I guess because Jason used to play for the "good" mobster team.

Sam and Julian argue. He wants the case to be over now that the witness is dead. Sam accuses him of not changing his ways and blames him for dragging Alexis into the mess.

Sonny complains to Carly that with the witness dead, Carlos will go free and Julian won't be charged. He's worried that Alexis is good enough to win and that she wants to protect Julian. Carly complains about Alexis and doesn't see the hypocrisy in her own words.

Paul warns Jordan that they need physical evidence against Carlos or he'll walk.

Griffin plans on spending the night at Anna's. He spots her gun box and gets a bit squirrelly. He admits to Anna that he was shot, but that it was his fault and he's asked for forgiveness.

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Maxie tells Lulu that she plans on seeing Claudette to get answers before marrying Nathan. Lulu wants Maxie to leave well enough alone, but Maxie doesn't want a third person in her marriage.

Everyone gets the call about the accident and Carlos' escape.

Anna heads to the station and accuses Paul of helping orchestrate the escape. Alexis shows up with questions on how Carlos managed to escape. Jordan sets up roadblocks, but Anna has an idea where Carlos might be and sneaks off.

Lulu and Maxie head to the ER where they wait for the paramedics to bring in Dante. Maxie realizes that Nathan was involved as well. When Dante arrives, he explains to them and CarSon what happened. He says that Jason risked his life to save him.

Nathan is brought in and Maxie begs Griffin to save his life. Griffin says he'll do his best, that he owes Nathan that much.

Jason finds Sam at Alexis'. She's upset that he's injured. He tells her that he's regained all of his memories.

Anna finds Carlos hiding on the docks. He finds it ironic that they're in the same spot as the last time she shot him. Carlos tells her to kill him because he refuses to go back to prison. Anna says Carlos will pay for sure now, since a cop was killed.

Carlos pretends to be injured and then grabs for her.  The two fight and Anna's gun falls into the water. Carlos knocks Anna out. He drags her to a storage container and locks her in.

Carlos calls Julian for help.