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Will Jason's Memory Returning Reunite Him With Sonny On General Hospital?

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After two years of not knowing who he is, General Hospital's Jason (Billy Miller) has finally regained his complete memory. The mob hitman is back with wife Sam (Kelly Monaco) and remembers his life with best friend and business partner Sonny (Maurice Benard). 

Since Jason was clued in on who he was, he hasn't resumed his relationship with the mob boss of Port Charles. However, now that all of his memories are back, will he? GH head writer Shelly Atlman told TVLine:

That’s the one deep relationship he had yet to recover — his bond with Sonny.  So Jason will want to reach out to him in a way he hasn’t been able to since his return.  He also [now] knows that he can call on Sonny for help if he should need it in the future. And rest assured, he will one day need it. 

Does this mean Jason will slip back into his role as the top enforcer in the Corinthos organization? Don't count on it. Co-head scribe Jean Passanante told the site,

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Jason will have to come to terms with that [violent] past. But remembering doesn’t mean he will suddenly revert to the man he was before he was presumed dead.