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Perkie's Observations: Anna and Duke Have a Short Reunion on General Hospital

Finola Hughes, Ian Buchanan

Finola Hughes, Ian Buchanan

Carlos asks Julian for his help in escaping and feels that Julian owes him. Carlos says he's hurt a couple of cops and if he's caught, he'll have to take the deal to flip on Julian. Julian agrees to help him.

Anna lays unconscious and conjures up Ghost Duke. She tells him that she feels like she failed him by not being able to bring anyone to justice for his killing. The two have a long conversation about Griffin, until they say their goodbyes and Anna wakes up.

Franco pays Heather a visit and shows her a painting that he's done of her. Franco tells her that he broke up with Nina. He adds that he's having dark thoughts again, like he had before the tumor was removed.

Heather badmouths Nina, which Franco gets upset about. He says he wants to win her back and wants his mother's opinion. Franco mentions how things were good in the bedroom, so Heather tells him to go big and get back between the sheets.

Dillon finds Nina living in her office. She tells him that she and Franco broke up. Kiki arrives and tells them that Nina needs to get back together with Franco because he's behaving oddly. Kiki says he's painting weird stuff and saying scary things.

Kiki feels that Nina grounds Franco. Nina admits that they were good in bed, but that Franco would need to make a grand gesture for her to consider getting back together with him.

Carly wants Sonny to let the police handle Carlos, but Sonny sees things differently. Michael shows up, also wanting someone to go after Carlos. Carly says they need to cut their losses and they can't chase their revenge. After she leaves the room, Michael wonders why Sonny is so calm. Sonny says Carlos will get what he deserves.

Before leaving to meet Carlos, Julian takes out his gun box. Then, Alexis and two uniformed officers show up. The cop asks if Julian has seen or spoken to Carlos, which Julian denies. The cops have a warrant to search the house.

Alexis demands to know why he was taking out his gun. She decides he's not going anywhere with it, and puts it back. When she's not looking, Julian grabs the dagger Helena willed to Alexis. Julian claims he's going to Crimson to deal with an issue. Alexis asks point-blank if he's going to see Carlos, but Julian denies it. After he leaves, Alexis tries to reach Nina.

Sonny arrives, wanting to speak with Julian. Sonny thinks Carlos will ask Julian for help and claims Julian killed the witness. Alexis counters that she believes Sonny hired the witness in the first place. Sonny says Julian will either try to help Carlos escape or kill him. Alexis mentions that Julian said he was going to Crimson.

Nina is surprised to find Franco naked in her office.

Julian finds Carlos on the docks and gives him to money to escape. Carlos swears he'll disappear and never be heard from again. Carlos promises that the cops will never know that Julian ordered the hit on Duke. Julian offers Carlos a hug and ends up stabbing him with the dagger.