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Perkie's Observations: Mobster Mayhem Ruins Plans on General Hospital

William deVry, Jeffrey Vincent Parise

William deVry, Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Carlos is shocked when Julian stabs him multiple times. Julian says it had to be done, and kicks Carlos into the harbor.

Sonny decides he's going to Crimson to prove that Julian isn't there. Alexis says she'll go with him to prove him wrong. Sonny accuses her of lying to herself about Julian's innocence.

Nina's surprised to find Franco naked in her office. He says he's making a grand gesture because he can't live without her and wants her to come back to him. Nina says their problems aren't solved and feels that the stronger she's gotten, the harder Franco has pushed.

Griffin updates Maxie that Nathan survived the surgery and will recover. She remembers Griffin saying he owed Nathan and wonders what that means. Griffin claims that it's because Nathan is a police office who puts his life on the line for others.

Anna tries to break the doorknob of the container that she's locked in, but fails and lies back down on the ground.

Paul accuses Jordan of letting Carlos get away. Jordan accuses Paul of hoping that Carlos is never found so that he can't point the finger at Paul for Kyle's murder. Felix tells them that Dante was stabbed with a fancy pen, which Jordan believes might have come from Paul.

Jordan worries about Anna, who hasn't checked in yet, and wonders if she found Carlos somewhere. Andre overhears and mentions that the last time Carlos escaped, he went to Canada via a freighter. Jordan and Paul head down to the pier.

Andre wonders where Anna could be if she had a run in with Carlos. Andre finds Anna locked in the meat locker and takes her to the hospital.

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Michael wanders along the pier and finds Carlos alive in the water. He pulls Carlos out. Michael demands to know where Sabrina and the baby are, but Carlos refuses to tell him. Michael calls 9-1-1 and Carlos is taken to the hospital.

Julian shows up at Crimson. He is not happy to see Franco and Nina half-naked. Franco heads out. Nina notices the blood stain on Julian's shirt.

Alexis and Sonny arrive at Crimson. Sonny gets a call from Michael to meet him at the hospital. He heads out before checking to see if Julian was there. Alexis finds Julian in the office. He claims he was there the whole time and Nina doesn't deny it.

Liesl makes her way to Nathan's room, upset that she hasn't been there for her son. Maxie reassures her that Nathan will be fine. Liesl talks about Nathan's childhood and how she missed out. Maxie heads in to sit with Nathan.

Franco shows up and Liesl is grateful until he starts dumping all of his Nina problems onto her. Liesl gets angry that the one time she needed someone, Franco could only think of himself. Nina gets the message about Nathan's accident and heads to the hospital.

Alexis tells Julian that she was concerned, which is why she tracked him down at Crimson. Julian swears that he was with Nina. When Alexis leaves the room, he wipes off the dagger and puts it back into the cabinet. Alexis gets a call that Carlos has been brought to the ER.

Jordan wants Michael's and Anna's statements. Michael explains to Sonny what happened. Anna is certain if she can get Carlo to confess, then both he and Julian will pay.

Felix tells them that Carlos' system is shutting down and he won't make it to surgery. Anna wants to get in there to talk to him. Felix says Carlos wants last rites, but can't get a hold of the chaplain.

Griffin says they don't need a chaplain, because he's a priest.