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Perkie's Observations: Anna and Sonny Come Up Empty on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Finola Hughes, Richard Burgi

Maurice Benard, Finola Hughes, Richard Burgi

Anna demands that Carlos tell them that Julian ordered the hit on Duke. Griffin tells her to back off; he's going to administer last rites. As Griffin goes through the ceremony, Anna stops him. Anna doesn't think Carlos should be shown mercy when he didn't show any to Duke. Griffin asks if Carlos has anything to confess. Sonny and Anna beg him to say something, but Carlos dies without admitting anything.

Alexis tells Julian that Carlos is at the hospital. She wonders why he's not surprised by the news. She begs him to say that he didn't send anyone after Carlos. Julian denies it. He decides to go to the hospital, but Alexis says he's a person of interest and can't be seen there.

Alexis starts to question what Julian may have done. She mentions how she locked up his gun and that he could have come back for it. She asks if he shot Carlos.

Liz tells Nikolas that she's found a house for her and the boys, and is packing up their stuff. She wonders why Hayden is still at Wyndemere. Nikolas says he has a plan to make Hayden's life a living hell. He says he's donating her clothes to charity and will force her out without the money.

Hayden tells Curtis about the diamonds. She asks if he can steal them back from Nikolas. Hayden says she needs to get out of the marriage, but with the money from the prenup. Curtis tells her to sell some stuff around Wyndemere and to keep the money.

Jordan tells Paul that she's getting the forensic report on the pen, which will trace it to it's original owner.

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Anna's angry that they wasted time with a pointless ritual and that they can't tie anything to Julian. Anna brushes off Paul's concern. Sonny wonders why Paul wanted Carlos dead and if Carlos had something on him. Paul says he's worried about Anna and thinks her relationship with Sonny is inappropriate.

Sonny questions where the pen came from and tells Paul that whoever gave Carlos the pen will be dealt with.

Griffin goes to the chapel to ask for forgiveness and that he felt satisfaction at Carlos' death. Anna interrupts him and wants an explanation as to why Griffin didn't let them get the truth from Carlos. Anna's angry that Griffin never told her that he was a priest.

Griffin says he isn't a practicing priest and that everyone, including Carlos, has a right to the sacrament. Anna accuses him of cleansing the soul of a killer. Griffin wants her to forgive, but Anna finds his lectures insulting and says she won't rest until Julian is brought to justice.

Sonny commiserates with Anna. She says she doesn't want Julian dead, but she wants him to pay. Sonny says Julian had motive to kill Carlos and that she might get justice after all.

Jordan stops by to let JuLexis know that Carlos died. She asks Julian where he was the night before. Julian says he was at Crimson and that Alexis and Nina are witnesses. Alexis says she saw Julian around 2:30 a.m. Jordan says Carlos was attacked before that. Alexis says she locked up Julian's gun so he couldn't have been the shooter.

Jordan says Carlos wasn't shot, but stabbed with a memorable blade. Jordan says she doesn't have the weapon yet, but warns them to get a lawyer.

Alexis pulls the dagger Helena gave her out of the cabinet, fully aware that it's the murder weapon.