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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Freaks and Sonny Lurks on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, William deVry

Nancy Lee Grahn, William deVry

Julian denies using the dagger on Carlos. He tries to convince Alexis that he was with Nina helping with her Franco's issues. Alexis loses it. She says she wanted to believe him, but knows he killed Carlos. While Julian continues to deny, deny, deny, Alexis searches his jacket pocket and finds the bloody handkerchief.

Alexis puts the pieces together and accuses Julian of killing Carlos to save himself. Julian claims he did it for their love and life together. Alexis grabs the phone to call the police, but Julian stops her. He tells Alexis that she knew he ordered the hit on Duke and stayed with him, which makes her complicit for everything after.

Carly chastises Sonny for leaving in the middle of the night and not letting her know where he was. He explains what happened with Carlos and that he's glad his hands are clean. Sonny is certain Julian did the deed.

Sonny explains that he went to Crimson with Alexis, but never actually saw Julian there. Carly wants him to let the police handle things now.

Monica discusses Mr. Ellis' death with Finn, who says the patient was stable the last he saw him. Monica says Liesl called for an inquest in his death. Finn doesn't understand why Liesl resents him so much. Monica says the board cleared him and there won't be an investigation.

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Jason tells Sam that he's gotten all of his memories back and rattles a few of them off. Personally, I think the show should have shown us those flashbacks as he was remembering them. Otherwise, the whole thing just feels lame and impersonal. Sam's happy that they have their lives back, but wants Jason to get himself checked out at the hospital.

Liz brings Jake for his session with Dr. Renault. Franco stops them and asks why Jason cancelled the art sessions. Jake gets upset, saying Franco is his friend. Liz explains that it was a decision that she and Jason made. Jake heads off by himself to the appointment.

Liz is angry with Franco, who questions whether she believes him to be a danger to Jake. Liz says he's crossed a line and is behaving like his old self. Franco says he was upset about Nina and lashed out, but swears he's back to himself now.

Liz complains that she thought he had changed, but was wrong. Franco's upset that she let Jason turn her against him. Franco feels Liz is the closest friend he has. Liz says Jason has input in their son's life. She adds that Franco is showing himself not to be emotionally stable enough to care for Jake. Franco promises to straighten out and that he's not a danger.

Nurse Amy tells them that Jake never made it to the session and an amber alert is put out for him. Police are called in to search the hospital. Liz wonders where Franco went. It turns out he went home, where Jake is hanging out.

Alexis cries in the corner. Meanwhile, Julian explains to her that he changed his life for them, knowing that something from his past could come back at anytime. He says the threats have now been eliminated and they can live their lives together.

Julian grabs the bloody handkerchief to throw in the fire. Alexis stops him, telling him that he can't destroy evidence. He tosses it in. Sonny shows up at the door and figures Alexis knows the truth.