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Perkie's Observations: Jason Shares His Memories with Anyone Who Will Listen on General Hospital

Laura Wright, Billy Miller

Laura Wright, Billy Miller

Sonny wants Alexis to go to the police and tell them about Julian's movements the night before. He wonders how long Alexis will protect Julian without walking away. Julian says Sonny can't drive a wedge between him and Alexis, and tells him to leave. Sonny accuses Julian of killing Carlos, but Julian claims he was with Nina all night.

Franco calls Liz to let her know that he has Jake. When Liz gets there, she's angry that he didn't call her sooner since he knew how frantic she was. Liz gets angry with Jake, pointing out what he did was dangerous. He sasses her and storms off into Franco's room.

Franco explains that there's something wrong with Jake and that he can help the child. He wants Liz to think for herself rather than follow Jason's orders. Franco wants more time and makes a snarky comment about Liz's revolving door of fathers for Jake. Liz smacks him in the face. Franco apologizes. He says she's a good mother who happens to be in over her head.

Carly's grateful when Michael gets home. He explains that he was at the station all night with Diane, answering questions about Carlos. He's upset that Sabrina married Carlos. Carly tells him that Sabrina chose to run away with Carlos, and that Michael needs to deal with it.

Sam and Jason head to the hospital for a check up. He's upset with the memory of Alan's death and how he wasn't there for him. Monica pops by, wondering why he needs a neuro check. Jason tells her about the accident and that he has his memories back.

Kevin and Laura discuss the progress on her book. She thinks the clues are pointing to her past with Luke and to the Campus Disco. Kevin agrees to go with her to check it out. Lucy runs into them. When Kevin steps away, she gives Laura her blessing. Lucy says she's letting go of her past and is thrilled that Kevin is moving on.

Tracy finds a baby on the doorstep. When Monica gets home and sees the baby, Tracy claims she's keeping him. Monica tells her that Jason has his memory back, but Tracy, like most of us, doesn't really care.

Sonny spots the fire in the fireplace and decides that Julian is burning evidence. Sonny grabs the poker and starts breaking things, then hits Julian in the leg with it. Alexis screams at him to stop. Julian threatens to call the police, but Sonny says he'll point them to the fireplace.

Sonny tells Alexis that she made a choice, siding with his enemy. He adds that their friendship is gone. Sonny declares that Alexis means nothing to him now and is fair game. Alexis counters that he's punishing Kristina, but Sonny feels she broke their bond.

Jason goes to see Carly. He tells her a memory of the time they went to Florida when Michael was a baby. Carly's thrilled that he has his memories back. Sam tells Michael, who also shares a hug with Jason.

Julian promises Alexis that Sonny won't hurt her. He says there is no evidence anymore and that they are in this together. Julian tells her that his shirt has Carlos' blood on it. Alexis offers to burn it. Once Julian is gone, Alexis hides the shirt.

Michael gets to the mansion and is surprised to see Tracy with the baby. When he spots the rattle, he realizes that it's Sabrina's baby.

Sonny gets home to find Jason waiting for him.